Sunday, December 28, 2008

A wonderful Christmas

Merry Christmas! We had a wonderful christmas. the funny thing is we were excited to come to Idaho because we usually don't have snow at Christmas, well this year they got dumped on. So we went from a lot of snow to more snow! We had christmas with my family this year and everyone was here except Tyson and Amanda. They came over before they left for Oregon to open gifts. Mom did her annual Christmas eve dinner and little cousins did the talent show part of the evening. It was a lot of fun to have everyone around and all the little kids. Josh and I went over late Christmas eve to his parents to open gifts and spend time with them. We really are loved so much by both families and we got spoiled this year. This year Josh and I decided to not get each other anything and either buy a puppy or a treadmill.......well we got our fat butts a treadmill! We're pretty excited to use it. We went sledding christmas day and had sooooooooo much fun! Brent(seen in the picture) went off the bump someone had made and flew! I thought is looked fun so I tried and I flew right off the sled and hit my hip/butt pretty hard. We all got a BIG laugh out of it.
And I was excited to see my babies a lot this weekend.
Grant loves when I take his picture, he always says, " take one more"

Miss Madelyn was so cute this year with all her girly stuff she got. She is soooo cute I just can't stand it. And she really loves Josh and will only cuddle with him, She won't even cuddle with Jenny very well.

Kole Bear loved this big box and climbed all over it. They should've just bought a box for him, it would've been cheaper.

We had a great Christmas and loved seeing everyone we love. I never did have a chance to see Jilly and the belly, but she knows i love her and will be waiting for Jan 15 to come!
Now it's back to Montana and will see my family next when they come to visit in February for skiing.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays

Josh and I will be leaving today to go home to Idaho for Christmas. We are so excited, josh hasn't been to idaho since thanksgiving. We both are a little nervous about the drive considering Montana is getting dumped on for the past 2 days ontop of all the snow we already have. But it's worth the journey to see our wonderful family for our amazing christmas eve dinner and games. We hope everyone has a great christmas.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is what happens when all the moisture is taken out of the air and -18 degree weather will do that! We can't touch ANYTHING I mean anything without being badly shocked. Every time I sit on the couch or pull something over my head this is what happens! It's pretty funny but starting to get annoying!

Friday, December 19, 2008

sushi, movie and snow blizzard

We went out to celebrate my big birthday tonight. We went to out new favorite place... Dave's Sushi bar. oh it is so good and now I have Josh hooked on raw fish :) No really it is super good and kinda a hole in the wall place but always super packed.

It's so COLD! we got more snow today with a little blizzard, but hey we still go out and have fun. our poor car doors get pretty frozen shut when left outside for too long. I'm thankful we have a garage for it. I think it got up to 4 degrees today! yay! we;re excited to get a sled and go sledding! and do as much skiing as we can afford.

sorry the pictures are kinda blurry, Josh didn't want to use the flash and draw more attention to us!! :)

I love him and he really tried to make my birthday yesterday very special for just being the two of us. I think I have a keeper!! But I made cupcakes and I opened gifts from him and some from my family. This is the first year ever that my birthday almost seemed like just an ordinary day, I didn't really have the special feeling like I always had before. I knew this was going to happen when I started to become and old fart! Or maybe it's because we were by ourselves. Thanks everyone for the birthday wished and I had a great night out to celebrate with my other best friend(josh) because obviously Jill's not here!
ps. It's so cold that from the parking lot to a door my nose hair freezes! :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Time to Par-Tay

Happy 22nd Birthday to Me! So much has happened in my last 22 years and there is still so much more to happen! I love Birthdays and especially mine :) Josh and I are planning to just get some food and watch a movie tonight and tomorrow night we are going out to our new favortite sushi bar and a movie to celebrate my birthday! The cake was made from stratch from Mom

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Before we even moved to Bozeman i had sent out 26 resumes to different dental and a like offices. I did get one job in October at a dentist office, but we all know that didn't work out. I send out so many resumes a week and i even look to get a retail job. I had an interview on Monday and it went well they were really nice and I was excited, but I didn't get my hopes up since I've been disappointed some many times before. They called today and said that they gave the job to someone else. Seriously shoot me now! It's hard not contributing to my little family and plus it would be nice to have something to occupy my time and bring in a little extra income, but who knows what the future holds and hopefully I get a job soon. I can only clean the house so many times a day.this is me trying to keep my hopes up!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So dang cold!

I get home from Idaho and it's a winter wonderland in Bozeman! Josh had said that it snowed some and a blizzard on Friday and really cold, but I wasn't prepared for the temp. to be -14 and 6 inches fo snow! Welcome to Montana where the temps are cold and the snow is everywhere.

These are taken from our front porch


I just got back from being in Idaho for 8 days. Josh's job back in october scheduled him to go to Arkansas for a week. So I bought a plane ticket home for the week. Well two days before he is to leave they call and cancel his trip! We were so upset! But I still had a ticket so I came home. It was a good week, lots of errens to get mom's house back together and I was able to attend my friend Austin Clifts wedding and reception.

they receptions was so beautiful and they had these fun drinks. I believe they were suppose to be Italian Sodas. I was able to see Jill all day that day and see her growing belly! She's looking so good! She is now 16.5 weeks.

Both the Willdens and Jakobson celebrated my birthday when I was home. ( it's not until thursday) It was great fun I got really great things from both families. I'm so spoiled! I;m finally getting older ...the big 22

Mom and Dad got a new puppy! They last one Molly, they had for two weeks and someone stole her! They got the same kind of puppy, but she's all black except for some white on her paws and chest. Her name is Abby and she is so much fun!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tis the Season

It took two days, but we are finished decorating the tree. It all started Thursday night we decided late that night to get our tree. So we drive around and couldn't find any tree lots. So we just went to Smith's grocery store and got a nice tree. It was still tight from being bound but we were sure that the branches would drop. But we didn't have a tree stand or a saw to cut the end and branches. So before we bought the tree we bought the other stuff first. By now it's like 10 degrees outside and it was eight at night and I was starving. We finally got the tree home and up. Then we put the lights on, which Josh was really picky how they went on, and I had bought and really cool star that lights up, but we found out that it didn't plug into the lights so we needed to buy and extension cord. We then put the ribbon on and lo and behold that ribbon went around twice and ran out, and we had no hooks for the ornaments. Ya so by then I was done. I told Josh lets just leave it and start again tomorrow.
I think it turned out beautifully!! And It is REALLY BIG but smells so good.
P.S. I have a job interview when I get back from Idaho!! I'm pretty excited.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Busy busy

phew.....Thanksgiving weekend was a blast! We had dinner at Josh's cousins house in Vale, which I've never been to Vale before and i had to drive alone cuz josh went hunting. So ya I got really lost , but it's all good and it ended up being a great day. We were able to celebrate Dana's 21st Birthday on Saturday and my lovely Jenny's Birthday on Friday. And got some good times in with our bestest friends. And finally meet our good friends new little baby boy!! And Spend Sunday with mi familia. Grant and Madelyn kept us on our feet and it was so much fun having then over the weekend. My mom finally let me go out with her on Black Friday. That was such a fun experience! i didn't think it would be as crazy as it is, but it was 10 times crazier. AWESOME!! Oddly I have no pictures from the weekend, but It was a great weekend and i'm looking forward to going home again on Saturday!