Thursday, September 27, 2012

18 months

Owen turned 18 months earlier this month. This is a pretty fun stage so far. he is getting more independent and fun to play with. not to mention he is starting to communicate!
But no worries he is still full of attitude and a huge personality.

25.12 lbs (really good for as sick as he has been with teething)
33.? inches
and still a sweet big head
he is still a big boy and growing fast.

this picture was taken the day of his check up.

he says about 10 words and a few others that really only i can understand.

he tells me yes or no with a shake of his head or finger

finally has 12 teeth!

loves to give high fives and knuckles

still sleeps 12 hours or more with one long nap in the afternoon

almost done with bottles at night. really  good about drinking milk from his sippy

He is very adventurous and loves to play and run.

gives the best kisses to his momma

LOVES going to nursery and getting so much better during church.

and sadly he is a hitter and scratcher. he is a wee bit of a bully :(  We are trying to change that quickly!!

Monday, September 17, 2012


We had our first trip to the Emergency Room (Sept 9)
that weekend Owen had been real sick with flu like symptoms so i decided that him and i were going to stay home from Church on Sunday. Josh and Owen had gone upstairs for Josh to get ready for church and I heard a loud crash! i ran upstairs and Josh was holding Owen's hand in the sink with blood running everywhere! My heart sank!

owen had pushed on my floor length mirror that was leaning on the wall in our closet and the middle broke out and all came crashing down. Owen's finger got the worst of it. Lucky boy. I decided that to the Emergency room we went.

 they opted to "glue" the cut instead of stitches because it was less work/traumatic for the baby.
 his bloody finger after we left. he did get a sweet scratch on his forehead too.
 this is his finger 5 days after wards. the glue was suppose to last 9 days but only last 5 hours!! so from there we just kept it clean and put a band aid on it. it's still pretty swollen and finally stopped bleeding. he will have a sweet little scar. i think they should have just stitch it!

updating in pictures

We have been so busy with activities that i decided to do a picture post to show what we have been up to the last few weeks.

 William turned ONE year old.
 4 wheeling. the boys and Madelyn are obsessed with it. the boys/uncle Tyson made some sweet jumps for it. super fun 
 Owen LOVES to ride it. New face that he makes now.
 dirty dash
 ready for football season
 went fishing with Willden grandparents. Owen and g-ma caught a fish!
 sick sick baby boy!
 playing with his cousins Luke and Will.

 crazy boy on the horse! fearless child

with Tyson and Amanda being in town for awhile we have been spending a lot of time with family. And with the weather still so nice/hot outdoors is where you can usually find us doing something.