Sunday, November 29, 2015


we didn't carve a pumpkin this year instead i let the kids paint their pumpkins. owen has really enjoyed doing this in years past. so i let the stress of the paint gettting everywhere go and let them have fun. they LOVED it and their pumpkins turned out so cute.

 halloween night owen dressed up as a pirate and  hailey went as his tinkerbell. they looked awesome. my mom made hailey's dress and i loved how it turned out.

 we went trick or treating with our neighbors and friends the Stones. we all had a fun time together.

Monday, October 26, 2015

fall soccer

owen was so excited to play soccer this fall. we played him up an age group to 5-6 year olds and so happy we did cause he got to play with his cousins and it was like an actually soccer game and not just practice into little nets. our kid was made to play sports.

 he loved it! practiced once a week and game every saturday. i was one proud momma watching my all star figuring it out and play his hardest every game.

 best part was he play with his two cousins Mark(4) and Luke(5).
he will most def be playin again next fall. He had his last game last weekend and asks why he can't play any more.

buggy girl

our Buggy girl is the most girly rought tough person around
 she is always changing her outfit to something most creative
 she is so sweet and cuddly and loves to give kisses
 she also is sassy and will tell you how she feels
 we love her and so happy she is ours even though she gives me a run for my money everyday!

 she loves to play with all her cousins and get dirty but will cuddle her baby doll all day
 she is beautiful and smart and will make the best and funniest big sister
                                                           (Hailey 2.5yrs old)

the boys

a month or more ago Elena was doing really really bad and was in the hospital for awhile and we were lucky enough to get to have their boys up in idaho for 3 weeks while she got better.
 these two are so different and both so much fun in their own way and us girls and g and g loved having them and the cousins loved playing with them and vise versa.
 just because in a world of mostly boy cousins this is what she wears to stand out even more.
 camden and boe and even their parents were more then ready to have them home in their arms.

labor day weekend

we thought it would be so much fun to travel to mccall for the weekend and play in the water and have a relaxed weekend. it had been sooooo hot.
 we arrived to rain rain rain and really cold temps. thats was the whole time we were there. luckily the only fun thing to do in the cold rain is enjoy some natural hot springs and that's what we did.

 mccall is still gorgeous no matter the weather
 pancake house for the win!
 drove up to brundage to do a trail on saturday cuz the sun was finally out and it was closed due to fires near by. bummer! but it snowed.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

5 months

i am currently 21 weeks pregnant and feeling great! i am showing a lot faster this third time, which is totally fine. i have a lot more of the same signs of owens pregnancy to this pregnancy.
I am carrying really low
i am still working out 2-3 times a week
full on maternity bottoms
love dr pepper
love hardier foods
weight gain is kinda a lot already but i am still in the good numbers
felt first move at 16 weeks and he still is a big mover
found the gender at 17.5 weeks and we are having a BOY
so excited to have a boy
sleep is good. i do wake in the middle of the night for a hour or more
i am exhausted being pregnant and taking care of two toddlers. phew
no name yet
i have pregnancy related acne/rash on my cheeks. super ugly but starting to clear up

camping 2015

our annual august jakobson family camping trip took place at stanley lake this summer.
our poor car was PACKED full. luckily it's only a 3 hour drive north.
 it was the first camping trip in a few years that all jakobson kids with their kids were able to be there. even Brent and elena got to be there. it was a ton of fun being around family.

 scavenger hunt
 the view just down from our tent. it was gorgeous!

 red fish lake was just a drive up the road and we went there one day to boat, but it ended being so windy we went back to stanley lake and enjoyed our beach area

 i love how clean the water is up there.
 she was ticked we put her in the freezing cold water

 the boys dug a huge hole in the sand and some how got really really dirty from it. William's face is the best!
 this little girl slept horrible all nights and one morning she got up soooo early that i put her in the car and drove to get her to sleep.
 when we returned from our drive some of us kids and little kids went on a early morning, freezing, boating. it was soooo much fun!
 red fish lake

 a lot of four wheeling adventures were done.