Saturday, September 13, 2014


The fair this year was a hit for the kids. they loved all the animals and owen picked 2 rides to ride and he was in heaven.

Red fish

the jakobson family had our annual camping trip and this year we headed north the beautiful Red fish lake. i love camping here. it's kinda perfect.
 the boys were in heaven with this hill and their bikes! only one accident, which is pretty good

 campfire fun
 my kids slept HORRIBLE!! my little family all ended up sleeping in the truck the last night there. it was miserable. but no worries hailey ended up having 3 binkies there. not sure how that happened since i personally only brought one.
 a lot of bike rides
 the views are gorgeous
 big red fish lake
 a lot of playing at the beach which was right next to our campsite!


 boating day! the water was so cold when you got in that it took my breath away, but it was still super fun. the kis loved every minute of it.
 they always had to go together.silly boys

great way to end the summer with a great camping trip to red fish, minus the bad nights of no sleep.

15 months

our hailey bug is actually 16 months old today but i  still need to post her stats. oh....and i can not believe she is already 16 months old!!! slow down baby girl.

21.5 lbs
30.5 inch
in the 50th% tile for both

she is growing right on for her age

she is a firecracker, she babbles all the time. she tries to tell me a story or what happened and she knows what she is saying but we don't

binky still her bff

sleeps great 7:30-8ish

very active! she is constantly running every where or playing outside with owen and cousins

all girl, she loves to wear necklaces and pretty dresses. she always checks out her outfit after i get her dressed

no bottle, she' been off that since end of july. she drink a lot of milk from her sippy

eats everything.... all the time!

She has 12 teeth, front 4 top and bottom and all 4 molars! She's gotten teeth WAY faster and earlier then Owen ever did!

her hair is growing, i can put a tiny pony on the top, but it's small and oh so cute


so funny

loves her baby dolls

she is at such a fun age!

pool time

i love night time swims with the family. i usually get to sit back and relax while josh and the kids play their little hearts out.


one last trip out on the boat for the year

 some of the kids are finally getting big enough to wakeboard/ski by themselves
 josh and owen wakeboarding for the first time together.

San diego

Josh and I would able to leave the kids and go to san diego for a week weekend away. we mainly went for his good friend Allison james wedding.

we were happy about our rental car
 oh how i LOVE the beach
 my favorite ice cream place at the coronado hotel and beach
 we got hooked up by Allison with some amazing seats at the padre/ braves game. josh's favorite team is the Braves and were were SO close and right on the third base line. it was great!

 we made the trip to the beautiful san diego temple, one of my faves
 wedding night. it was gorgeou even though it rained during the ceremony.
 beach one last time before we headed home.