Monday, April 25, 2011


I've been a slacker on my blog, but there are a few new post below. Enjoy ready and seeing what the willden's have been up to!

Easter Sunday

I had planned a great Easter for my little family and all my ideas went down the drain! i was bummed that owen didn't have his easter basket, but then i remembered that he probably won't ever remember that the Easter Bunny didn't come to his house this year!

(it's kinda hard to get a picture of all three of us by ourselves)

I love my son and so grateful for the wonderful blessings he brings to our family.

Softball Season

it's that time of the year again when Josh is consumed by Softball! it actually is a real fun time for us. My brother wasn't able to get a team together this season, but luckily he has friends that ask him every year to play on their team and he turns them down because he plays with my brothers, and this year he can play with his buddies! He has a game in a couple of days and he needs some batting practice. so we went to the great Wahooz and hit some softballs. it was a beautiful day on saturday and Owen loves to be outside. It was a nice family activity. I can still hit the ball like a pro!

my baseball stud!

Easter with g-ma

My mom and dad were going to have easter with my brother and his family in Vegas this year so we had Easter with g-ma and g-pa the weekend before. we did the traditional easter dinner feast, egg coloring, the egg hunt and the opening of the easter baskets the Easter bunny had left for the babies.

my mom had spotted a cool way of coloring eggs with crayon shreds! after we colored the eggs the traditional way we made crayon shavings and put them on a hot hot egg and watch the wax melt down the egg! they ended up looking so COOL!

Grant would've colored ALL the eggs if you didn't get some fast enough for yourself!

Sister finding the eggs. mom put money in some of the eggs!

owen was pretty exhausted, but the Easter Bunny had gotten him some new swim trunks, t-shirt and cute outfit and a church book!

our little family


Auction Fun

Josh and I both spotted a really nice nursery was having a huge tree auction last weekend. We thought hey we might as well go down and see what it was all about. We got there with a ton of other people, watched a few trees being auctioned off and saw one guy buying a really nice tree for $35!! Josh immediately went and got an auction card, we picked the tree we wanted and waited and waited till they reached our tree. The auctioneer started and Josh was right there trying to get us first pick on the tree. We won! and got a really really nice tree for WAY cheap!

It then sat in our driveway for a week until we got a time and muscles to get that tree in our back yard! Luckily my mom came over to help and we were able to get that heavy tree in the back.

Tah-Dah!! we love and so excited to finally have a tree in our yard. it's really nice to look out the window and see a pretty tree and not just our neighbors.

Friday, April 15, 2011

one month

our sweet son turned one month last weekend! where did that month go? it went way too fast! we are loving having him with us and slowing adjusting to how he works. he is still sleeping 5-6 hours straight at night-eat and then go back down for at least 2 more hours, which has been so so wonderful! he was a super fussy baby, but we've discovered that he just was so hungry all the time. I've started to feed him more and he is a completely different baby! we have caught a few smiles from him, which have just melted my heart. He loves his baths and being swaddled and he loves being in the front pack, especially if we go for a walk!

he gets real mad in his car seat and scratches him face, so then mom puts socks on his hands and he never knows what to do with them after that!
Align Center
tummy time on the boppy! he has always had real good control of his head. he's pretty strong!

my mom came over and watched him so josh and i could get out on our own for a bit. it was so nice!

i went to work and had molds made of his hand and foot. so dang precious, but he sure did hate the process!

Friday, April 1, 2011

"Mark E Mark"

Most know that my sis n law was due one month after i was. Well she ended up having her sweet boy two weeks early! Owen and his new cousin Mark are exactly two weeks apart. He's so tiny and hairy just like Owen. and just because i think my son is pretty darn's some new pictures of him.
gotta love the dream smile! things are going ok with little Owen. he eats a ton, sleeps through the night( see how long that last) and he's a little colic. But we love him and so happy to have him in our lives. not a whole lot has been happening in our lives besides taking care of our baby. josh will be starting softball soone and coaching a AAU basketball team for a few weeks. it's starting to warm up so hopefully owen and i will be getting our of the house more often. i'm exciting for summer time at the pool this year.