Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby Boe

Boe James was given a blessing on Sunday by his Dad and it was beautiful. I was able to get there early and take some newborn pictures of Boe and his parents. He's such a good baby and he's so loved.

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, because I know we did! I got everything I wanted and more. Josh made out pretty good with gifts this year as well. We had our annual big family christmas eve party and then to the Willden's for gifts. Christmas morning we were able to wake up and open some gifts and then the rest of my family came over and finished with the gifts. Christmas is so much more entertaining with little kids opening their gifts and being so excited! Josh and his sweet ski helmet.
I'm beyond beyond excited about my new Cannon Camera and two lenses!! If you need pictures taken just call me :) Now I just need to learn how to really use it.

Most if not all the family and cousins on Christmas eve.

Kole really likes his cousin Grant. Kole had a blast playing with all the older boys on Christmas eve.

Sweet Madelyn and her "boyfriend" Joshy


Monday, December 21, 2009

One year older and....

It was my birthday on the 18th! Having so much family around I was able to celebrate my birthday all weekend long. It was fabulous :) Friday night Josh and I went to dinner and were going to go to the movies but it started late and we were both so tired, so we came home and just relaxed. (we're such an old married couple) Saturday night my family got together and we ate a lot of food and made a lot of noise. I love it! My brother was taking a lot of pictures of me and this is my "ok enough already " face. A little scary I know.
I love my husband and he spoils me so much!
Thank you babe

my co-worker made me a cake and we ate a lot of it at work :)
p.s. My new nephew's name is Boe James Jakobson and he's doing great!

Friday, December 18, 2009

He has arrived

My brother and his wife Elena just had their big baby boy Wednesday. He was a day late and they went ahead and induced her, but she had a real good labor and a pretty fast one. He has no officialy name yet ,but he weighs in at 8.12 and 22 inches! Who would've thought little Elena would have birthed such a big baby.

He's so cute and wants to eat all the time. He came out hungry :)
He has quite a bit of dar brown hair and some definite eyebrows. (thanks to my mom's side of the family)

She is a proud mother and has such a new glow and wonderful change about her. I love her and sooooooooo proud of her for being strong. CONGRATS Brent and Elena!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

annual ugly sweater christmas party

Our best friends Boe and Charla host the annual ugly Christmas party! Everyone comes dressed in the most hideous Christmas outfits and we eat a ton and play games. It was a lot of fun this year, we haven't laughed that hard in a long time. We exchange white elephant gifts and we were lucky enough to get this gorgeous blue thing. I might put fruit in it, maybe just maybe :)

I finally finished Josh's stocking. I had started it over a year ago and just now finishing it. I looks beautiful and I'm very proud of it.

Boe and Charla have a great dane ( the one on the left) and they are also babysitting their friends great dane( the black one) . They have about 300 pounds of dog in their house!! They kept of pretty entertained.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

november till now

We had a great thanksgiving. Dinner with a ton of family, making teepees out of tortillas, bowling and ending the night with gingerbread houses. I did go out on "black friday" and got some really great deals. I was very sick with the flu they whole week so that was miserable, but I tried to make the best of it on Thanksgiving. we got our christmas tree and it's beautiful.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Special Spirit

Josh's good friend from college and his adorable wife found out after 5 years of marriage that they were expecting a little baby. We are all so very excited for them and found out monday that it's a boy! They have named him Cooper. At the same ultrasound they found out not so good news about Cooper...

( this is from Melissa's facebook page)
Good Morning, here is whats going on. Our son, who we have named Cooper has a condition called Arthrogryposis, it is a rare congenital disorder that is characterized by multiple joint contractures and can include muscle weakness and fibrosis. basically Coopers little arms and legs are not forming correctly. He also has severe scoliosis. Also his chest cavity is very small and his lungs are not developing...
They worry that if he makes it to birth he will not be able to breath on his own. Cooper is now fighting for his life and we are going to have big decisions in the days and months ahead. I can not express to you the pain we are feeling right now, but we also feel a peace knowing we gave this baby to God in the beginning and will continue to give Cooper to Him daily. Thank you for all the prayers and support.

I don't know what to say to them to make the situation better, but we are deeply sad for them , but we know that they gave that baby a body and he will do his work here on this earth and return to our heavenly father when his time come.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Results are...

New Moon was AMAZING!!! It was a lot better than the first and not to mention Jacob is pretty good looking. Us girls couldn't stop talking about the whole movie. Again is was AMAZING!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Whick team should I pick....

Got my FREE ticket to New Moon for Friday night. Wondering how I got a free ticket....the ortho that works in our complex bought out a whole theatre that night and handed out two tickets for each staff member at a ton of offices as a thank you for referring patients to him. NICE! I'm super stoked and Josh isn't complaining too much either.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The sunrise on my way to work. BEAUTIFUL


On Saturday us sisters through our sister-n-law a baby shower! I was so excited to get everything together and buy presents for the little guy.

I was especially proud of myself for making a hooter hider! with a little help from my mom I was able to make it for $4.38! And it only took about an hour.
We baked a ton of mini cupcakes and frosted them for the shower. They were a big hit.

She has about 5 weeks left! I'm so excited for him to get here. And doesn't Elena look so good for being so pregnant.

She got a lot of really great gifts and had a lot of people there.

Old Guy

I LOVE my husband so much and I look forward to any opportunity to spoil him. His birthday was on Saturday and I wanted to get him everything in the world, but no body had anything I wanted to get him! very frustrating! I think he still made out with pretty awesome gifts.
Friday my family all came over and celebrated his birthday and watched to BSU game.

He got a sleeping bag, a new north face jacket, shirts and basketball shorts, not to mention his now beloved hunting vest from his brother.
All he wanted to eat was cheesecake, and cheesecake is what he got.
On his actually birthday he just wanted the two of us to go to dinner and a movie, his choice, and we had a very nice evening together celebrating him! Happy 26th Birthday Babe. I love you so much!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poor Dog

There is a dog groomers a couple doors down from the dentist office I work at. She always brings her two dogs to work with her. one being a beautiful yellow lab ( which totally reminds me of Phoebe) and a MALE STANDARD POODLE. This poor poodle is always so angry with us and I know it's cause he's a male poodle! To our surprise this is what we saw on Monday! I don't know why, but he was little extra angry this day.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lucky #3

(a ton of post below this one :)
Jill had surgery #3 on her knee last Monday! Poor Girl they had to replace her ACL and meniscus(sp?) again. this time around she's on old pro at getting around and managing, except at taking care of her 5 month old baby. So on Wednesday I didn't work and was able to spend all of the day there keeping her drugged and Heston happy.
He loves his Aunt Hilary. She was pretty out of it still so she slept a lot and Heston and I played all day. I went over on Friday for a bit as well and she's doing a lot better.
keep it easy Jillyn!

Holler ween

I love Halloween!! I love that Josh and I can still get dressed up and have a good time. All the grand kids came over, including Josh's nephew and Heston.

Kole wouldn't put on anything that Amanda bought him except for this outfit and it was a little short and was riding up his butt. So funny! Grant= power ranger with his big black eye he got by colliding with a little girls head. Then Madelyn was the cutest lookin bumble bee ever!

Our best friend Taylor always host the Halloween party and everyone gets into it and dresses up and has fun.

Boe and charla won for best costume. Grinch and Cindy Lou who

us Native Americans


harvest carnival

The ward we are in has a harvest carnival every year. Grant and Mady came this year and it was so much fun to play all the games with them and see everyone dressed up. hula hula girl. So cute

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Oh how I LOVE Idaho fall!! it's gorgeous all over the state. We had Grant, Madelyn and Kole over this weekend and Grant really wanted to rake Grandma's leaves and then play in them. Who can say no to that fun, so we raked and the kiddos never wanted to come back inside. Josh jumped in the pile and the boys were all over him! it was so fun. ( does everyone see what body part Kole is running over! hahaha poor Josh.)

Grant and Madelyn

Kole refused to come inside when it got dark.

Also the whole family came over and carved pumpkins and eat homemade stew. mmmmm so good!
Elena's belly compared to the pumpkin :) she's getting ready to have the baby soon.

Mine and Josh's finished product. grrrrrr

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I bought these beauties last night and I'm in love with them. Yes they are 4 inch heels and i'm a little over 5'9", but they are fabulous and want to wear them everyday. (I actually bought them in metallic silver, but you can see the details better in the purple picture)

Monday, October 19, 2009


It's really dark in the morning on my way to work and then when I get to work it's really slow! Needless to say it's really hard for me to get up and get motivated in the morning. At least my coworkers are always entertaining.
that's all, just venting.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home away from home

the Jakobson clan (minus Brent and Elena) all loaded up into two cars and made the LONG drive to California for a week. First stop was in Fresno for my beautiful cousin Carissa's wedding. The wedding was lots of fun and intimate. We had lots of fun. After Fresno we traveled farther south to Avila Beach. My family used to go to this beach once or twice a year ever since I could remember. So it was nice to go again and take Josh to all my favorite spots.

We had a condo right on the beach so we all played in the ocean and sand. It did end of raining most of the week, which was a bummer ,but us ladies sure did get a lot of shopping done! :)
us sisters and Madelyn all matched for the wedding, it wasn't planned!

My uncle(mom's bro) and cousin Carissa. Her dress and flowers were gorgeous.

We needed to wasted time before the ceremony started so we found this amusement park that had mini golf, race cars, bumper boats and little kid fair rides. it was a blast!

It was a fun week to hang out with the fam. I was only able to work 4 days in between Hawaii and this trip so I'm all traveled out and ready to unpack my suitcase for awhile.