Monday, March 3, 2014


Josh and I took owen skiing for the first time back in Feburary. i didn't know what to expect from him but he was SO excited about it and loved every minute of being on the hill. He did really well skiing, one of us would put him between our legs and hang onto his back pack handle and ski down with him. he would always yell "go fast"! i can't wait to take him again. 

9 months

i love love love this stage with hailey! she is so much fun and exploring so much. she really is such a happy baby. she makes my heart melt and me laugh all day long.

her second tooth has finally come in. so now she has two bottom teeth

has no fear, just like her big brother, so she keeps me on the move

crawls really well and pulls her self up and down from everything. not to mention she has started to stand by herself! we may have an early walker

loves bath time

loves her pacifier

takes two great naps a day and sleeps at night from 8-8

eating more and more of different solids along with her bottles. her favorite thing right now is graham crackers but she really will eat anything.

"talks" all day long and loves to laugh. i think she just loves to hear her own voice.

We love our little girl and the joy she brings into our house.

day of love

valentines day 2014
 owen with his gift from the Valentine bug
 Joshy's gift
 Hailey's gifts
 my gift
owen did his valentines day craft which i made a heart shape from a toilet paper roll. he loves crafts so he was really into this.

random post

a bunch of random pictures that don't need their own post.

she is my lil helper and always at my feet or getting into the cupboards and dishwasher
 i love looking over and seeing owen has pulled a chair close to hailey and just chit chatting while she eats
 my lil cowboy. his papa lance taught him the proper way to ride
 this tramp is one of his favorite toys
 owen and two of his buds during the superbowl party. (olivia p. and Carter B.)
 Mark, owen and Boe at the aquarium here in Boise
 they are quite the buds and love to play together!

snow days

January 2014, this kid loves being outside and playing in the snow and sledding down the driveway makes him very happy.