Monday, April 20, 2009

when in Idaho.... shoot a gun

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We went shooting for a fun little fhe with Josh's family. it was my first time shooting a "big" gun and at clay pigeons. I'm pretty sure my eyes were closed both shots. Josh, Tyson and their dad are pretty dang good at shooting. Maybe one day I will be able to shoot and keep my eyes open.

Juicy Lucy?

I love to watch the travel channel and food network. On the travel channel they were going around to places and featuring the best burgers. This one restaurant had a burger called the Juicy Lucy. It's a lot of cheese put inside of a hamburger patty. and the end result is the yummiest hot cheese just oozing out of the burger. Sounds super good to me. So I tried it and first try I only put one slice of cheese and It had dissolved into the patty, no good. second try we didn't cook the burger long enough and we didn't get the oozing hot cheese effect, still good though. So hopefully third try is a charm!

Clyde the Camal

Did you know there is a camal that lives in Nampa? Well there is and his name is Clyde. This is the best picture I got of him, but his head is sticking out of the front of the trailer. I had heard of Clyde , but this was the first time seeing him up close. it was pretty fun!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sun+ Josh=............

Josh is landscaping, the weather was beautiful and he got a farmer's tan!! His arms and neck are a solid maroon. Now he does tan but he doesn't have the skin like the Jakobson's and he burns pretty bad, poor guy. I thought is was kinda funny that he has a farmer's tan and by the time we take the boat out his for arms are going to be black compared to his white chest. Time to bring out the sunscreen! hehehe :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Holy Babies

I probably now at least 10 people who just had or are going to have by the end of the year (Kathryn M.) a baby, and so far they are all been BOYS!! There are babies everywhere i go! it's starting to get out of control. As Josh says " It must have been a long winter for them!" This is my lovely bestie Jill 30 weeks prego. i'm excited for this little guy to come next month!