Saturday, April 18, 2015

easter sunday

the kids woke up to their baskets full from the easter bunny and eggs to be found.

 after a great morning of conference and breakfast with the kids we loaded up to celebrate the rest of the day with the willden family. we had a great day at Marcie's house with the littles. we are the only ones with little kids so they were very much our entertainment for the day and everyone loves them. their great grandma even did and egg hunt for them and their g and g willden had goodies for them too.
 owen even got to meet and hold two week old baby goats at his cousins makenna's barn. he was in heaven.
not pictured, we also had a church egg hunt, so that brings the easter celebrations to 4! we had so much candy and the kids were so spoiled this year. it was great to have conference on easter this year and hear amazing teachings from the prophet and apostles. really remember the true meaning of the day.

easter #2

colored eggs the monday before easter with my mom, boe and camden. brent's kids were in idaho for 3 weeks while Elena got her transplant. we LOVED having the boys here.
 the day before easter the jakobsons all celebrated at my parents house. we had a big egg hunt and a big yummy dinner. it was the first time in a LONG time all the cousins were together since boe and camden were here idaho. lots and lots of fun!

 all 10 grandkids and #11 will be here this summer thanks to tyson and amanda

easter #1

we had a friends easter bbq/egg hunter the end of march. our friends the Arnell's hosted at their beautiful home. we had a great time and kicked off easter celebration 
 some of the kiddos, there were a lot of kids in our group of friends

"easter sunday"

since easter fell on general conference we got in our easter best a week early for church.

 i am DYING over my kids. they are probably the cutest people ever. and hailey's ruffle socks are the best.
handsome handsome