Thursday, August 30, 2012

dirty dirty 2012

The other weekend josh and i ran the Dirty Dash again. it was a lot of fun and a lot more dirty this year. Josh's work put together a little team and i was the other girl. those men sure do know how to get real muddy!
I took this pictures from the site. they are way too expensive to purchase.

so much fun and hopefully i can participate in it again next year!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jakobson camping trip 2012

this year Cory picked to go camping in Mccall for his birthday/ family camp trip
it had been a long time since i had camped in Mccall. it was so beautiful and SO much fun. I love being with my family. We were missing two important people though, Brent and my dad!

first trip to the lake.
tyson was super popular with the boat.

 cory and mads builing a sand castle together
 Grant the the other boys loved the goggles
 i love how clear and clean the water is
 baby Will. He loved to eat the sand and tried really hard to crawl into the water.
 Owen is getting all 4 molars at once so he was VERY sick and whinny/clingy. he cared less about everything!!
 then his Aunt Jenny gave him the idea to throw rocks into the water. success!!
 roasting marshmallows
 second day at the lake we rented jet skis and took the boat out. so much fun. Josh had never been on a jet ski before and he was having too much fun on them.
 i finally got a smile from him!
 our sweet Mads
 left to right: Kole, Will, Mads, Grant, Mark, Boe, Luke and my sweet Owen.
So many boys in our family and one sweet princess
 pretty much how Owen was all weekend, but we still had a fantastic time.

 Mark was too tired he had a sweet nap at the lake. he was a sicky boy that weekend too.
Even though Owen had a horrible fever and was beyond whinny and running our patience very thin we still had a great time in Mccall with my family.

race day

Cory, Tyson and my sis n law Elena all did the tri-athlon in Emmett the other weekend. it was great being there to support them in there amazing accomplishments. plus tyson and his family were in town for the weekend and we all like spending time with them

 above: waiting to see them pass on their bikes
below: Tyson and Will after he had finished
 all the kiddos had so much fun playing together that weekend. it had been a long time since we had all been together
 Cory after he had finished
 oh Kole Buddy wearing his dad's swim cap.
so sorry i don't have a picture of Elena, but she did awesome for her FIRST big race! it was a ton of fun the all be together and spend some fun family time.

willden's unite

it was that time of the year again when all of us Willden's come together and camp. we went to Wymoning again and it was fun. the weather was hot during the day and super cold at night. Owen was teething and was super clingy and whinny! but towards the end of the week he had made friends with the other boys and was in heaven.

the first morning there Owen woke up at 5:45 am!! crazy kid. he was up and ready to do something. mom and dad were not!

 Owen and his buddy cousin Aaron! yes Owen is sucking/chewing on a lemon. must feel good on his gums.
We had such a great time just relaxing and getting caught up on every one's lives. till next year Wild Willdens