Wednesday, January 23, 2013


in the middle of our busy December, I had a birthday. Josh took me out to dinner and I couldn't make a decision for the life of me. We had a chill but romantic night out together to celebrate me.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

we won!

yup this is the Atlantis resort and yup it's in the Bahamas!
and yup josh and I get to go there for a full week with no baby!
Because of my husbands such hard work and dedication to his work he beat out other salesmen and is being rewarded by gensco with a all paid trip to paradise. We leave next month (Feburary) and yes i will be 7 months pregnant.

ski season

i haven't skied in 2 years! because one i was really pregnant and then the next year i had a small baby i couldn't leave. but this year even though i'm pushing 6 months i was going to go skiing! but after this weekend i think i am done. my jacket doesn't fit anymore and my ligaments feel too lose with my body/baby growing bigger.

the first two pictures are just of josh and i on a saturday by ourselves. it was heavenly!

 this past weekend most of the clan traveled to utah for a ski/ birthday trip for my Brent.
 the mountain was gorgeous! we went to snowbird resort and had such a great time. I stayed home in the morning with my mom to help watch the kids and then i skied with everyone else after lunch.

 kole, owen, luke, will, Boe
notice the two boys that weren't happy about this pictue.
 while in utah we went to the coolest sports store called Scheels!
 Josh and Kole with their matching Snowbird hats

lil hunter boy

Owen was finally able to get out and go hunting with the boys.
 he had so much fun with his g-pa lance, ty and his dad
 he didn't last long on his feet so i put him in the backpack and carried him most of the time, Josh did take him for a bit to relieve me, but by the end he had so much fun that he just passed right out.

5 months

SO past due considering i'm days from being 6 months but i need to blog it for my record

here is my little bump at 20 weeks. i'm quite bigger then i was with owen at this point. i'm starting to notice that i am sticking more out with her then with Owen I was wide and carried deep inside.
 isn't she the prettiest baby ever! she is a mover and shaker just like her brother was, but is super calm and chill out in public unlike her brother in the womb.
headaches are still there but not as frequent, but if i get one i am down for the whole day! no more fainting spills either.

Christmas day 2012

josh and I had christmas morning at our house with Owen.
 he was much more interesting this year in opening the presents and got so excited for all of them expect the one with clothes in it. he could've cared less about that present.

 his big present from my parents, a trike and helmet. He is so in love with both items
 he has been asking for "fishy" movie for months and look what santa brought just for him.
 us kids all pitched in a got my mom a  new bike! she was so excited about it and took it for a spin even though is was freezing and so windy outside. just like a little kid!

 Josh got his running gear so now he can start training for his races.
 Cory's family
 Tyson's family
Brent and his little family was there but i'm not sure where their picture is. We had all four kids and their families here for christmas this year. it has been years since that has happened. Christmas day was so much fun and i think we all really enjoyed being with one another and celebrating the season.

christmas eve

i have SO many pictures from Christmas Eve because we had all Jakobson and Lookhart families in one house celebrating together like the good ol days. we did however missed my uncle and aunt, but it will be their last holiday away.
So i just picked some highlights of the night.
 craft, reindeer food.

 we tried to do a nativity scene with the little kids, but it was more of entertaining then spiritual.

 cousin Rachelle had fun spoiling the babies with her yummy cupcakes

all dressed up in our Sunday best for Christmas sunday.

 he is such a handsome little boy!

christmas lights

early december we went and saw all the cool lights in town.

 owen with some of his buds, Olivia P.,Kaden L,owen, Carter B.

in early December we saw the first signs of a cold winter that was about to come.

 we are that family that if you have an activity or sport we are ALL there supporting that person.
 Grant is such a stud on the basketball court. We were all so proud of him.
 i love this face