Saturday, May 21, 2016

blessing day

Bennett was blessed by his dad on april 10, 2016
it was the sweetest blessing just for him and  we are so grateful to have his sweet spirit in our family

months one and two Bennett

first bath at home

 two weeks old

 first smile

 4 weeks old
10.5 pounds
maybe blue eyes or green
he is the gas/poop king
wakes two times at night to eat
sleeps a lot
nursing like a champ
He cried a lot the first 6 was which made him real gassy and then repeat

Wore me own clothes for maybe 2 wks and then got too big for them

 two months
 13.5 pounds
at size 2 daipers
3-6 month clothes but getting kinda tight
wakes once early morning to feed then back down  till 8
takes a binky
has the best smile
loves baths
still nursing only
chubby chubby
still dark dark fuzzy hair
Doesn't cry as much anymore

Sleeps from 9:30/10pm-4:30/6am eats and back down till 8 ish
At two months he is wearing 3-6 months clothes, he's big and solid like Owen was.
He has the best biggest smile
He is talking a bit and it's so sweet
Has laughed a few times

mother's day

i love mother's day, a day i feel extra special and so much love from the hubby and my 3 kiddos. i am blessed to be their mom and hope everyday i am doing a good job raising them and having fun along the way. they are busy bodies and keep me on my toes but their hugs and smiles make up for the craziness.


owen's birthday was 8 days after Bennett's birth, we went  out to eat.
 the following weekend we got together with my family and had a little party for him
 5 years old

 may is a busy busy month for my family so we celebrated Hailey's birthday 2 weeks early
 on her actual birthday she got a couple  of presents, doughnut for breakfast and dinner with grandma and grandpa.

 3 years old

easter 2016

easter 2016

 jakobson cousins egg hunting at grandma and grandpa's house
 easter sunday

photo dump

what we have been up to since feb till now

buggy fell at my parent's house and split her head open on their piano. josh was out of town and i was very pregant. she handled the staples like a champ and made friends with all the nurses

 1:00 church stinks, she falls asleep way before bedtime

 our last hike a day before  i went into labor
 the zoo when benny was 3 weeks old

 a few weeks after she split her head open she broke a mirror at my parents house and cut her hand open
 how did he get so ole

 first swim of the season in  early may! the pool wasn't heated yet  but the kids don't care it's freezing
 my healthy boy

 hogle zoo with Elena and the boys ( first of may)

 we've had some hot days in may