Tuesday, September 17, 2013


here both owen and hailey at 4 months old. they have the cheeks and smile very smiliar, but that's about it.

4 months

our Hails Bells turn 4 months old on the 13th! she is during so great and growing and learning each day.

weight: 14.4 67%
height: 24.75 74%
16cm for head- perfect size

at her 2 month check up she was in the 30% for height and weight so i was thrilled to see that she is thriving more.

wearing size 2 diapers

3-6 month clothes

gets up once at night, usually around 5 am, eats and back down till 8 or 9

eats every 3-4 hours 5-6 ounces

loves her bouncer

pretty happy baby

loves to watch owen

tried rice cereal for the first time last night and actually ate most of it and liked it

and lastly my baby girl snuggles! owen never snuggled. and i love it!

not rolling yet but really close.

labor day

Labor day was the last day to take the boat to the lake for us. We had a great time at the lake even with the little storm that pasted through. Will's birthday is the day after labor day so at the lake we celebrated him turning 2!  and it was Hailey's last time probably to wear her super cute swimsuit.