Tuesday, January 3, 2012

9 months

a little late consider he is a few days away from 10 months, but i wanted to record this month.

he has found the bathroom and now we must shut the doors has discovered my parents doggie door!

loves to look out the front windows!

he makes us laugh so much!

he has started to take 3-4 steps by himself. all he wants to do is run and play

still sleeps from 8 am-8 pm and takes two couple hour naps every day

loves food, such a great eater

plays really well by himself and with others

loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse

still loves to read books

He has such a personality and he makes us laugh all the time or he is moody and drives me crazy!

got his first split lip/ fat lip, fell walking at grandma's house and knocks his mouth on the edge of the entertainment center.

phew! i finally blogged for the whole month of December. i probably left something out, but i hope you enjoy catching up on our life.

there are many many post!

New years

we had a geat new years! we went to our annual friends bowling party.

2011 was such a great year with the birth of our son and all the many new and amazing experience he has brought into our life! we have incredible friends and wonderful families. I have and amazing husband who works so hard and his the best father to Owen. I loved 2011, but i am so excited for 2012, i feel like this is going to be a great great year!

christmas 2011

Merry Christmas We woke up and went to church in our sunday best
Christmas Morning!

After church we changed back into our jammies and went downstairs to see what santa brought. Owen got a new activity table. he loves it!

Josh and his new skis that santa brought him. now if only it would snow! he was so surprised and excited for them.

my sweetheart

He also got a big boy car seat! i'm still a little uneasy about it, but he is definitely big enough to be in one. and he loves facing forward!

after we had our christmas we went to my parents house to open some gifts. they spoiled us rotten again this year. owen's favorite toy they got him is his walk behind car!

OWen and my dad.

then we spent the rest of christmas with the Willdens

Owen got so many great toys and outfits. he loved all his new toys and all the empty boxes

We had a great christmas and got spoiled so much, but we feel so blessed to have the families we do and the love that comes from them. It was also great to go to church that morning a remember the real reason for the season, our lord and savior and all that he has done for us.

Christmas eve 2011

We had everyone together this year for our big christmas eve dinner. he was so great spending that night with family and catching up and laughing! owen got his first present from his cousin Boe. he LOVES his new bath toys. he also opened his new christmas jammies!

he had a cute outfit on, but he was still having some major blow outs! he hung out in his onsie and sweats.

Tytan Christmas

tytan was in town the celebrate Christmas with his mom. We had a little christmas at the Willdens for him. he was so fun to watch open gifts and be so excited for everything he got.

the two willden boys. they are so cute playing together. i wish they could spend more time together.

Merry Christmas Tytan, we love you so much and miss you more then you know.


i had another birthday! i have reached the young age of 25! the day before my birthday my parents offered to watch Owen all day so Josh and I could do whatever! it was fabulous. it was my first time leaving him for that long so it was a little hard, but Josh and i got a lot of christmas shopping done, dinner and a movie! i hadn't been to the movies since Owen was 3 weeks old! that morning Owen had thrown up and i didn't really think anything of it. he acted just fine most of the day. after we had got out of the movie that night i had a missed call from my mom. i called her and she had told me the horrible day Owen has had. He just kept on throwing up and not eating. he was one sicky boy! i felt horrible for leaving him and not being there when he was sick, but i knew he was in good hands with my mom. Well Owen ended up vomiting for another few days and had diarrhea for almost a week. he never had a fever though. Happy birthday to me!

Boe's birthday

Boe's birthday party was so much fun. all the little kiddos came and we did a fun craft. Owen's finished reindeer

Boe loved everything he got and all the kids loved playing with his toys.

It's hard to believe that my little Boe is 2! he is so funny and we love our nephew so much.

Christmas house

My little family went out and looked at the famous christmas light houses in Boise this year.

this one house is all lit up and plays to christmas music. it's fabulous! Owen actually sat and watched the whole show.

Owen and Mark

Owen and Mark are 2 weeks apart and are complete opposites! the only thing they have in common is they both are big babies! They are so cute and i love having them play together. Mark


notice OWen is standing on his walker and mark was moving around with him on the front.

oh christmas tree

we went to a beautiful tree lot just around the corner from us and all trees there were one low price! that made me very happy! we got a big, full beautiful tree. Owen was a lot of help. i was so worried that he would pull the tree over or break an orniment, but he did so good with it. he would just sit/stand and look at it.

Hair cut

Owen has actually had his hair cut/trim a few times already, but this was his first real big boy haircut. i enlisted the help of my mother. Owen hated it and he needed the extra hands from my dad as well to hold him still. Oh he hated it! But as soon as the clippers turned off he was fine and happy.handsome boy

recycle please

my mom has a recycling bin that Owen loves to pull everything out of. he must have seen his dad do this one to many times with the milk carton!