Monday, January 25, 2010


This month has been a weird one. It went by fast, but I don't remember doing a hole lot....hmmm. In the mist of all this we had two birthdays to celebrate!

Happy Birthday to my super awesome bestie sister n law Amanda! She's now closer to 30 then 20 :) i love her so much and we have become such good friends and we always have a good laugh together!
Then a couple weeks later we celebrated Brent's birthday! He just became a new dad is loving every minute of it. He's so weird and funny and I'm grateful he's my big brother.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby Cooper

Josh's friends Tyler and Melissa Gilmore, I had posted about them and the baby that they are caring has a lot of problems. They knew that there was a huge chance that he wasn't going to make it past delivery. They still trucked along the pregnancy with always a smile and positive attitudes. What great examples. At around 25 weeks she was measuring 35 weeks due to a lot of fluid around they baby and him not developing correctly. She was put on strict bed rest and the doctors hoped to get her to 30 weeks measuring 40 weeks. Well around 28 weeks Melissa went into labor with baby Cooper. Our friend Steve let us know last night that Cooper was delivered and passed away shortly after.

(from Melissa's facebook) Today Melissa went into labor and Cooper Thomas was born at 8:47am and weighed 2.7 lbs and 12 inches long. Shortly after his birth Cooper passed away in Tys arms and entered into Gods loving embrace. Melissa had a c-section and is doing very well, God had His hand on her the whole time. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers
It makes you think about how much it takes for the human body to make a healthy baby. He was a very loved baby and he had parents that were in great spirits, at least from what we saw. They know that he will be with Heavenly Father and that he had a greater plan for him and his parents. My heart is just aching for them.

Monday, January 11, 2010

random weekend

We have all been trying to get Elena to get her ears pierced since she's been with my brother. So for Christmas Brent gave her some pearl earrings. So it looked like she had to face it and pierce her ears. We went down to Norman jewelers and Dan pierced them. The first shot took her off guard and kinda hurt. Someone told her that if she can give birth she can get her ears pierced. it was great fun. Saturday Josh and I decided to go skiing at Bogus. Bad idea. I was so crowded, super super foggy and snowing, the kind that sticks to your goggles. At least we tried.

That night we watched Kole and all he wanted to do was Josh to play hoops with him or he wanted to wear his skis. He's so much fun!
We also went on a date and met up with Boe and Char and went to see Sherlock Holmes. Super good movie, everyone should see it.
Nothing else new still at mom and dads, yes we are looking for a place to live. We both just work a lot and try to spend time with friends and family.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


#124 is the 10x10 storage unit that holds about 95% of our life! We took a huge load over to put in it on Saturday and it just kinda depressed us that our life is in the storage unit and we are starting to forget what we even have. I miss my stuff! hopefully not too much longer, hopefully.

Fight fight BSU!! yay the Bronco's won the Fiesta Bowl last night!!!! I was a little nervous that we might loose, but we pulled out and had a great last quarter. It was very nerve racking! Baby Boe supporting his team!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Koles Birthday was Thursday and we all went over to celebrate. I can't believe my little nephew is already 2! Time goes by fast and it's not even my kid. We love him so much and he always says the cutest things. Happy Birthday Kole Bears

Celebrate good times come on...

Happy New Year! Celebrating this year was a hundred times more fun then last year by ourselves in Montana. The whole gang (minus the Benedick's) Went to nampa bowl and had such a great time bowling and just laughing a lot!

Everyone that went bowling. Taylor and Josh making classic faces. And apparently Kristy and Loni are the only ones that saw me taking a picture. We seriously have the best friends!!

Boe, Roger and Josh thinking they are pretty hot stuff :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I was so exciting to let go and have a good night with friends.

I can't believe the past year Josh and I have had with moving from Montana into my parents house. Finding new jobs and trying to make things come together for us. I'm so grateful for the greatest family and friends and the memories we have made. I know 2010 will be greater and I CAN NOT wait to see what happens this year! Bring it on 2010!