Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh man i have so much to blog about for the month of December and it's not even over yet! please stayed tuned for major blog updates coming Jan 1, 2012.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

This little boy LOVES his bath time! he can play and laugh forever if he let him. this big boy put up our christmas lights! yay for not being the dark house on the street anymore.

Thanksgiving 2011

it was just the Jakobson family this year for Thanksgiving. with my Aunt and
Uncle who usually host Thanksgiving and them being gone on their mission, we did our own dinner. Mom did a great job with all the food and crafts.

usually we make gingerbread houses, but this year we made candy trains. so much fun and a little easier to make. Josh helped Grant make his huge train.

Each child made either a Pilgrim, Indian or a turkey hat. Owen got to be the Turkey. it was so dang cute!

Grant and Mads were the indians and Boe and Mark were the Pilgrims. how can you not giggle and smile at this picture!

she had to have a pretty Indian hat

earlier in the night owen had a blow out and mads spilt on her shirt, so her and owen spend the rest of the night with little to no clothes on.

the group making our candy trains

happy thanksgiving

Sorry Aunt Berta, but he ended up NOT going bowling and it was kinda sad not to bowl on thanksgiving. But we did make new memories and missed not seeing everyone.

christmas parade

We took owen to his first Holiday parade in Boise. it was freezing but we were all bundled up nice and warm. he loved it and was very into people watching. we lasted about 45 mins. bad but funny picture of us!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

i got blog happy and posted a ton.


new calling...for me

yup...i got called to the laurel Advisory. i'm excited but nervous. it's been awhile since I've been in young womens.

our ginormous ward got split a couple of weeks ago so they are trying to get all the callings filled as quickly as they can.

Josh and I only have ever been called to the primary, so this is a little bit of a big step for me.

phone pics

i downloaded the pictures from my phone....i had a lot and some really funny ones i had forgot about. they aren't as good as a camera, but i always have my phone.

some of the kiddos on Halloween

my children never sleeps calmly. he is all over his crib.

Kole playing with owen. i'm so happy that all the cousin like to play with each other.

my sweet Mads let me put these stickers on her forehead, only because i told her it was a princess crown. She may have went to the store like this.

owen showing his heritage :)


Owen is 8 months old! he is large and he thinks he is in charge!

Ashley Brooklyn

a couple of years ago i had posted about our good friends Tyler and Melissa. they were expecting their first baby together and had found out that baby Cooper had many birth defects and wouldn't make it past birth. They both were such troopers and grateful for that baby even with all the trials and hard pregnancy. she went into labor at 27 wks and Cooper didn't live much after birth.Well today they now have their second baby. Melissa had a healthy pregnancy with a big healthy baby girl. they are amazing people who make me so grateful for my healthy pregnancy and baby that i have.

Perfect Fall

the last weekend in October is the perfect leaf time.

our little ham boy loved playing in the leaves. i feel like i really captured who is!

Birthday boy

Josh's birthday was on the 7th of November. it was a monday, so we didn't plan anything big. My mom came to babysit Owen while just the two of us went out to our favorite sushi restaurant and then to cheesecake factory for a delicious desert. it was really nice to spend time with just the two of us and no worries for 2 hours.

some of my family came over to open presents and have desert. please notice Boe cheesing for the camera in the background. silly boy!

happy 28th birthday Joshy! I love you and so proud for all you do for our little family. you are my best friend and the best daddy to our little man.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

family photos

i was really wanting family photos. When tyson and his family were in town i took their family pictures and so i asked amanda to take ours with my camera. we went to a park down in Eagle and i LOVE how they turned out. i haven't edited them yet, but here is a sneak peak.

owen's was in such a good mood and totally into smiling.

there are a few new post, check them out

Halloween 2011

josh and his 44 pound pumpkin. it was really big! i had tried to make owen's costume, but it didn't turn out so we dipped into G-ma's costume box and found the robot. here is Owen trick or treating at grandma and grandpa's house

the gang showing off our pumpkins that we carved on Saturday.

on Halloween our friends Boe and charla came over and we spent the night watching tv and handing out a bunch of candy.

happy halloween


Tyson and his family were in town to bless their sweet new baby William! he is the sweetest and so far easiest baby. we love our baby Will.
my brothers, josh and Will

Roof project

totally out of order, but this is Kole riding on the back of Owen's walker. it was hilarious to watch. while Tyson and his family were in town we all pitched in a took off my parent's roof! it took some of friday and all day Saturday. it was a lot of work and very exhausting, but we did it and now their new roof is being put on.

Linder Farms 2011

Tyson and his family came into town and so we really wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, but they can be really expensive. so i did some digging and found Linder farms. on Thursday night it was half off which made it $1.50 per adult! most of the fun easy things for the kids to play with were free. we will be going back next year. i asked the boys to say cheese for the camera! they were really excited about the ride.

all of us kids on the ride.

we could've spent all night in the corn pit!

it was really cold, but we had a great time and bought a 44 pound pumpkin for $7.50!

random posts

Grant played soccer for the first time this fall. we went to most games because they were so close to our house and plus i enjoy watching my little guy play sports. Owen has gotten so big! he now climbs onto the dishwasher, to help of course, and he has discovered the stairs.

He loves to look out the front door or window. he can sit there for a long time and not make a peep.

Josh was playing around with Owen and he spit up big time all over his daddy! he just got a little on his chin.