Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin fun

Josh and I carved our pumpkins tonight. It was fun and messy and a memory for our first Halloween together. I'm sad we weren't home to carve them with the family and see the little ones costumes and excitment. I think they turned out good.
Stayed tuned for our AWESOME Halloween costumes!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

MSU Football

It was no BSU Football games, but it was fun to get out and go to a big game. One of Josh's accounts has this Huge tailgate party and he invited us to come and he would get us tickets for free! It's a pretty small stadium I believe it only holds 10 to 15k people.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Big News!!

I remember we would always play house and and barbies. And pretend to be mommies, Now it's Jill's time to be a Mom. I'm excited to announce that Jill and Brad are expecting a bundle of joy coming May 25th!!! Many many years a lot has happened in our lifes and I can't believe that we are old enough to now have the chance to experience having our own children.

I Love her so much and so excited for this baby to arrive! Now It will just be some more pictures to add to our already huge collection of pictures of the two of us. I'm excited for this new phase in our lives. CONGRATS JILLYN AND BRAD!! you're going to be the best mom!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not a fan

I'm not liking me new job at all! He is a young and greedy, cheap dentist. I'm the only one working up front and my job title is office manager! umm no! I don't know how to do lots of the work that needs to be done, and no one is there to train me! So...I'm thinking this job isn't going to work out. I have sent my resume to some other medical offices and haven't heard back yet, and there is some job openings for a nanny, so I'll see what happens, but I just can't keep working at this office. There are just too many holes and they don't do things that I think they should to have that office run smoothly.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

finish product

so it finally finished snowing all day and night and we got quite a few inches of snow. I'm sure it won't stick, obviously it not on the roads so. It's just nuts that it's already so cold and snowing!!! We are definitely not in Idaho anymore!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

So Josh and I woke up to snow. The people around here say it will start to snow all the time now but won't really stick around until November! So we are lookin at having a white Thanksgiving. It's also just really cold here and the wind isn't too bad because we live in a valley surrounded by huge mountains. The news reports that it will snow off and on all weekend. The pictures are taken off of my front porch so you can kinda see the really cute street I live on.
Good thing I lived in Rexburg and kinda know what to expect when the snow comes and cold.
It makes us super excited for ski season to start, which is early November!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

so exciting

So we finally have tv and our very own internet!! yay and I got the job I had mention earlier. It's not exactly what I was looking for, but it will do hopefully. I'll post a picture of the office cuz it's really nice and high tech.

Mother Dear

Today is mom's birthday!! What a wonderful woman she is. She loves to spoil her family, staying active and raising a great family. I couldn't have asked for a better person to me my mom. We are all grateful for what she does and the love she has for her family and grand babies.

Her famous say is"what does water do, it dries so don't freak out." My family knows all about that saying
She taught us how to remember her birthday by saying" and octopus has eight legs" get it October 8th
And she loves to make everything into a song!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I don't have the actual picture of THE day on this computer, but this is close enough to the date. Anyways today October 5 is one year since Josh propose to me on the steps of the salt lake temple at night in the rain. It was beautiful even though his plan went to the dump. I know it's not as long as some of you old married folks :) but it's big to us, well at least me:)

So Bored

Since we have moved here one of the first things we did was call to get our cable and internet set up. THey said it would be 2 weeks until they can get to us. So I'm stuck here all day while josh is at work and I have no Internet or tv. Well we do get cbs and pbs. YAY for me. And even now and then we can steal Internet from someone, like I'm doing now :) I try to keep myself moving but it's hard when you don't know what to do. I did have an interview 2 weeks ago with a dentist, but that was a disaster. It's someone who I wouldn't ever work for. SO...I am actually job hunting and almost about to settle and just get a job at the gap or something, but then I spotted a really promising opening at a dentist office in the next town over and so I hope to hear from them soon. keep your fingers cross!! On the bright side I have been reading a lot and now onto the 3rd book of the twilight series.Josh is doing great he keeps really busy with work. He really is loving his job now and is just a boost to his confidence. He's bummed that he won't really hunt at all this year, but when we went to Great Falls last week for his work he made sure to point our ALL of the deer and antelope that are EVERYWHERE!! It's been nice though just the two of us. Oh and the gas prices here are pretty cheap last I saw it was done to $3.40 so that's good compared to everything else here is so expensive.