Monday, August 11, 2014

willden reunion 2014

that time of the year came that us willdens all got together for a long weeknd camping. we went to navajo state park in colorado this year.
All clean and ready to drive the 13 hour drive
it was so so hot as you can tell from our sweaty faces and little to no trees!
 his cousins brought their boat and we were right on the water so we played and cooled off tha way. it was a lot of fun and owen LOVED playing with his cousins in the water

Hailey thought she needed to get up real early every morning! we were not as amused as she was
 on the boat, he really did love it just not me taking pictures all the time

 the kids slept SO good! hailey passed out every night around 8ish and owen stayed up partying till he dropped, usually around 10 or so! they played hard that weekend and slept all night too.
 he NEVERS lets me clip his finger nails without a fight and he let Jake clip them without a fuss
 she had to take naps wherever, she was a trooper
 before he did a little walk the ranger lady got our a bunch of furs and skeletons to educate the kids with and they loved every minute of it. and they all became junior rangers. here are most of the little cousin, missing some.

 on our walk, please excuse my nasty wild hair!
 he was so excited about his badge and whistle
 the mosquito's were SO SO bad! this picture does not do justice to how bad owen's face got eaten by them! and yes we both were constantly spraying them with bug spray but it was almost like the bugs liked it!
 the sleeping on the way home! they passed out pretty quickly after getting into the car and slept awhile....and then the melt downs began and we stoppe in utah for the night.
 we got home and hailey came back with a sick bug of some sort. she kinda had the flu but she was also getting 5 teeth at the same time and 4 out of the 5 teeth were her molars. she was a bit cranky on the trip because of that reason but she did come home with the flu too. poor baby. and then owen got it and then josh got it
We had the best time! we always have the best time hanging out with our family. we love all of them and so happy to spend time with them. sad we only get to see the majority of them once a year. til next year Willden family.

iphone photo dump

from last post till now here are some random photos of what is going on in our life.

I love these two! aren't they just the cutest things ever
 hard to tell but in a 12 hour period hailey managed to get two huge bruises on opposite sides of her forehead! she is a bit crazy
 summer night swims plus no nap earlier plus playing late with his besty next door equals owen passing out on the driveway. he was out cold, he was even snoring! this kid lives for the summer.
 Hailey was swinging at willden grandparents house and got stung right between the eyes! she didn't even cry or anything. it swelled pretty good when it happened and we put some medicine on it and the next morning you couldn't even see it.
 music at the park night with a bunch of our friends. owen showed everyone his sweet dance moves
 owen's reaction for the first little bit of watching despicible me 2 at movie in the park!
 he always is a good entertainment for us!
We are loving our summer and so sad it's already august and the summer is coming to and end soon. till then we are going to enjoy our hot days and nights and bein outside until we can't anymore.