Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Early Christmas

carrying on my mom's tradition of making your family stockings, i have completed Josh's a few years ago and now Owen's is done! phew....i probably picked the hardest pattern, but with a lot of help from my talented mom we finished it. Good thing cause my mom still has two more baby stockings to complete, hopefully by december.

next stocking i cross stitch with be a lot easier.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Friday night

every time we've gone to Henderson, we go to movie in the park with tyson and amanda. So when i discovered that there was a movie in the park like 2 minutes from our house you better bet we went. It was so so crowded, and walking in i had no idea if we were going to get a good seat, but he got great seats on top of a little hill and no one else behind us. they didn't start the movie until 10:00, which is past Owen's bed time and he did sleep most of the time. He loved being outside and people watching.

we brought our own snacks

it was a fun night out with just us.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boys Trip

every year for the past 10 YEARS josh and his best friends have gone to Seattle for their "boys trip". His friend Steve has a cousin that they stay with and he works high up with the mariners and so the boys get the greatest seats in the stadium all weekend long. Lucky boys!

(old picture from at least 5 years ago)

this years view from game # 2. they have fun relaxing and being boys with no wife around to nag them. they do drive every year and it's and 8 hour drive with all 7-8 boys in a mini van.

josh bought Owen his first mariners t-shirt. it's pretty darn cute on him.

i stayed with my mom for the 4 days he was gone because with a high maintenance baby like owen i need all the help i can get. We missed Josh and was extremely happy when he got home!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

4 months

Owen turned 4 months old on July 9th! holy cow....i can't believe how fast he is growing. i've already blogged that he is a rolling machine now, he sleeps great and loves to eat. i'm weaning him and he really doesn't care as long as he gets his food!

this is him right before his shots at the Dr.'s office

Weight: 16.5 lbs 75%

Height: 25 1/4 inc 50%

head: 43 cm 89%

we have a big healthy boy with a perfectly big head.

still loves his baths

he sleeps ALL over his crib now that he can roll

loves the jumpy jump

loves being outside

his new hair growing in his coming in Dark, but we'll see

his eyes keep getting bluer

he's started to look more like me but with Josh's coloring

celebrated his first 4th of July

loves to swim at our pool

is still has a good set of lungs and not afraid to use them

still drools A LOT!

loves to talk and babble

not to mention blowing bubbles

We love our Owy and so lucky to have him as our son!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of july

my brother Tyson was lighting the sparklers with a blow torch! crazy guy cutest girl ever!

i love the 4th of july celebrations. every year my family gets together and goes boating. I made these delicious red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting from scratch!

this was my life jacket when i was a baby and every baby that has been born in our family has worn it. we make fun because all the baby boys have worn the pink life jacket. it's kind of a tradition to wear it.

the bigger kids on the boat. They love love love being on the boat.

this year was Kole's turn to ride the wake board with his Dad Tyson. last year grant did it with cory. Also grant got up and rode the wake board all by himself. it was pretty awesome to watch both Kole and Grant.

my cute family.

Mark and Owen had matching 4th of July shorts. not planned. they looked so cute together.

my mom had the whole day planned when we got home from the lake. one of the games we played was water balloon toss. everyone got pretty wet.

all the kids put tattoos on. owen was rocking a sweet star tat

the pinata was a huge hit for the kids

we got a lot of sun, ate way too much, laughed a ton and ended the night with a great firework show put on by the boys. what a great day.

He rolls

My little man has learned how to roll over! for a few weeks now he has been getting closer and closer to it. then on the 4th of july he and Mark were laying on the floor and owen pretty much rolled right ontop of Marky! today, july 5th, he was playing on his floor mat and just rolled over with complete ease. from then on he rolls from back to belly then back over to his back. He's pretty proud and not to mention that i am extremely excited for him. My baby is growing up way to fast!

I couldn't get my camera ready fast enough so i could only catch him from mid roll, but you get the idea.