Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wild Willdens are moving to the wild west


So Josh and I will be moving to Bozeman, Mt. It's about a 7-8 hour drive north east of Caldwell. His work gave him a great opportunity to go over there and succeed better. He leaves Tuesday and I hope to be moved over by the 20th of sept. It's not a permanent move but we don't know how long we'll stay.It is a beautiful place and has the best ski resorts in a lot closer drive. We will rely heavily on the church there. It will be hard but we are looking forward to our fun adventure together. PLEASE COME AND VISIT US!!

Birthday boy

It was a good friend Rogers birthday over the weekend and all of the usually gang got together to celebrate. We ended up at Taylor's house and played rock band for ever. I never played before so i was a little hesitant but it was soooo much fun once you get into it and not be afraid. Happy 25th Birthday Roger.

Miss Molly

It finally happened, after the passing of my parents dearest dearest Austin they have decided to get another puppy. Here is Molly, she is a mini schnauzer and just as cute and perfect for my parents as Austy was. Mom bought her and surprised Dad that night with her. He just loves her to pieces. We think she will loose all that puppy fur and she will end up being pretty grey and white.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finally we went camping

The Jakobson clan went camping this past weekend. It was the first camping trip since Josh and I have been married. We were hoping to go more often but we've been just so busy, it's ridiculous. It was Cory's birthday so he picked to go to Deadwood Reservoir. It was really beautiful and not a lot a people. We had to drive an out of control dirt road for 25 miles after already driving about an hour. But I did manage to still fall asleep on it. It was a fun weekend to spend with my family.It's never a dull moment. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORY!!!!

Jenny made Cory's birthday desert, apple crisps with fresh apples, it was so delicious.
Brent brought up his hameck and Josh just happen to fall asleep in it.

We boating most of Saturday, the water was NEVER not smoothe, and played games in between.
The camping boys

Thursday, August 14, 2008

These girls are 16 and I'm only 100 punds

Josh and I have been obsessed with the Olympics this year! Gymnastics has been one of our favorites, grant it the chinese girls are really good, but who does the Chinese government think they are fooling. I bet the average age on the team is maybe 13, which the rules state they must be turning 16 this year to participate. I say blood test and then give the GOLD to the USA girls.

Monday, August 4, 2008


We had an exhausting but wonderful Saturday. We started the day by going to an early session at the Boise temple and then it was straight to the Idaho Falls temple open house. It was a beautiful temple ,but aren't they all. It was a new modern feel to it. It wasn't like entering the Boise temple, but obviously it's not dedicated so that feeling won't be there.

This is how Josh was feeling by the end of the day. He was a good sport as always.
I new Jill was going much earlier that same day, but tho and behold they came back to take pictures and we ran into each other and we obviously took a picture together! I love her!