Monday, March 23, 2015

and then he was 4

i'm pretty sure this boy had the best day ever. his birthday finally came and he was so beyond excited. i had a small friend party for him and some of his closes friend came to celebrate with him.
 i booked a pool party at the ymca and what a hit that was! owen and his friends are all water lovers. josh took the afternoon off to come with us, i'm glad he did.

 we got some new baseball gear from g and g jakobson. he is counting the days till t-ball starts.

 the ymca party was awesome. i didn't have to do anything but pick a date and pay. they did everything else including a cake. totally worth the money.

 they all swam till their hearts desired and i couldn't stop smiling watching them.
 josh and i got him the other half of his baseball gear, a bat, glove and a new tee
that night after dinner tyson and amanda along with our besties next door went to our neighbor hood park for a little baseball game. i went to bed smiling and so happy that my big 4 year old had the best day ever! he is now a big boy and learning new amazing things every day. he always amazes me. he always wants to help me do things and is great playing with his baby sister. his big imagination is growing more and more very day. he is a determined hard head kid but can be the sweetest cuddle bug ever. we love our owie dowie and so excited for this big year ahead of owen and his new adventures.

disneyland part 5 the end

the last day was bittersweet cause we did not want to leave but we had again so much fun this day. we switched from both parks and went hard and long. so thankful that elena had a medical pass and we got on rides really quickly.

 elena did really well  and hopefully went home with some really happy memories to get her through her rough time getting ready for the transplant and the hard days afterwards
my big boy talks every day about disneyland and asks to go back all the time. we can't wait to go back again and hopefully josh and hailey can join us on that trip.

disneyland part 4

day three was both parks and again a lot of fun and rides.

 hailey stayed over at tyson and amandas for two days. those boys wore her out.

disneyland part 3

day two was packed and we were hitting up all the rides. this day was spent all at california adventure, and it was so much fun.
 every morning and mostly all day owen would beg to go on lightning mcqueen ride. it's his most favorite.

 toy story mania was a close second

 we played carnival boardwalk games and was so much fun! my mom won our favorite horse race game! she's a pro at it.

elena's parents also joined on the vacation for the first two days. it was fun having them there experiencing it with all of us.

disneyland part 2

day one at the park.  

 hailey was staying at my close friends house for the day.
 she was in heaven with all the girly things they have compared to all the boy toys we have

disneyland part 1

we did it again, disneyland. mid feb me, owen, my mom, brent, elena and their kids all drove down to disneyland for a week. we left valentins day and arived that sunday.  brent and elena decided they wanted/needed to go before she was to get her stem cell transplant because after so got it she can't go anywhere for awhile. we were more then happy to join them on their vacation
 pit stop in st george to meet up with cory and jenny. they were coming home from a baseball tournament grant was playing in.
 we obviously met and hung out at the in-n-out burger.
 the kids were loving running a playing in the sunshine
 and owen spilt my entire drink on me. my whole left side from my belly button down is soaked!

valentins day

we had a low key sweet valentins day with heart shaped pancakes and love bug headbands

 me sweet valentins in their cute v day gear.