Monday, May 21, 2012

water hose

Today was hot outside during lunch so we turned the hose on and let him play! Owen absolutely loved playing with the water! it really made our day watching our silly boy! the water was freezing so after about 30 mins of play time I through him in a warm bath and put some clothes on him.

love him!

Almost June?

where has the month of May gone? this month is alwasy busy busy for us. here are a few highlights of the month so far.

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary on the 10th. my parents took Owen for the night and we got all dressed up and went to a fun resturant called Barbacoa! a little expensive but the food portion and taste make it worth the money.

 i told Josh that we had to get our picture taken like it was prom or something.
 after dinner we stopped by and got cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory. yum yum!
 that Sunday was mother's day! I love being a mother and watching my little man learn and explore. he drives me crazy most of the time, but then he will do the sweetest thing or give me the greatest smile and i forgot the crazy parts of the day.
 they got me the most beautiful tulips and that evening we went to my parents for a mother's day dinner.
 cory graduated from BSU with his masters degree! he worked so hard and gave up so much time to get this degree and i am so proud of him for doing it! Jenny had a BBQ for him to celebrate his achievement.

 Madelyn had her dance recitall and it is seriously the cutest thing to watch EVER! I love this sweet girl! even though she is the only niece i have she sure can play rough with the boys.
 Grant's birthday was on the 15th. he turned 7 years old! holy cow how did he get so old?! he had a cousin party, which is a lot of little kids, with a robot theme. Jenny did a great job on his awesome robot cake. He will always be my little guy. I love this boy!
we still did a lot of ramdom stuff this month and more to even come before the month ends! i love that it's beginning to be summer and we are outside a lot doing fun activities.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

4 years

We have been married 4 years today. Happy anniversary to my best friend, my love and the best dad in the world. I love you Joshua Willden
So excited for Owen to stay over at my parents so we can have a peaceful evening all to ourselves.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

good times

 we went to our friend Boe's parents house with other friends for a bbq.when i wasn't watching Owen got snatched and came back wearing a ballerina outfit! so incredibly funny! but doesn't he look really cute in it?
 then the boys spent a lot of time on this fun toy. even Owen got to ride on it.
We love hanging out with our friends and so grateful to have so many best friends.

spring has sprung

 i know it's spring time when baseball starts. We already enjoyed one of Grant's games and Josh is to start softball in a few weeks.
 Owen and Mark enjoyed playing together.
 we started getting our lawn looking green and healthy. Owen is such a helper mowing the lawn.
 this is how we found Owen one night. silly boy.

we've had some really hot weather the past few weeks and really enjoyed the sun and being outside. but in spring fashion it is now colder and rainy.

Easter 2012

 Easter sunday, we woke up to see what the Easter bunny had brought us. Owen was so excited about the plastic eggs more then anything. We then got dressed in our new Easter best and went to church. that night the Jakobson clan all got together for a Easter feast and egg hunt at my parent's house. I love watching the kiddos trying to find all the eggs.
 I think Owen looks so darn handsome in his new easter outfit for church.

 on Saturday we had a little Egg hunt in our neighborhood with some of our neighbors. who most of them are in our ward. Owen was very happy with the two eggs he found. he didn't care about finding more.
 Friday most of us gathered at my parent's house to color eggs. fun fun, but a lot messier this year.
 my sweet madelyn
 Easter morning

 these two boys are always an entertainment for us.
We had a great Easter and so happy that we were surrounded by family. We all must remember the true meaning of Easter and what the Christ has done for us.