Wednesday, May 13, 2015


april and first of may was awesome weather, like hot! so we spent a lot of time outside playing. parks are our best friends.

the kids and i hiked/ played at camals back park
  family baseball game
 always playing at grandma and grandpa's house with cousins
 it was hot enough and few times to bring out the hose for water fun
 our tuesday fun day with the boy cousins. they are the same age give or take a few months
 baseball season is upon us and we love it
 our diva girl
 helping daddy

mothers day

mothers day was so great. we spend mothers day with my mom and jenny, two incredible mothers
 saturday was kinda my mothers day. we took a family hike ran errands, sushi all things i love
 on sunday morning the kiddos surprised me with a gift and fruit. it melted my heart when they burst into my room yelling happy mothers day mom! we love you! heart melted

josh did awesome job and got my a whole new workout outfit from lululemon! dying.
 we got ready for church and primary sang at church to the ladies and it was owens first time doing so. melted my heart, again. to see him waving at me and singing so proudly. i love my kids and they are the reason i am a mother and it makes me so incredibly happy.


 josh and i celebrated our 7th anniversary on may 10. i love this man more and more every day and so incredibly happy i married my best friend.

first fall

 a few weeks ago we were at our neighborhood park with our friends the stones after naps like always and hailey took a big fall off the equipment! it scared me SO bad. i was nervous to move her cause i was sure she broke something. luckily her face took the most damaged and got all scraped up. it was a lot worst looking in true life. poor baby

birthday girl

today my rough and tough squishy princess turned 2. it makes my heart so sad that she is growing up SO fast, she's my baby, but i'm loving her growing and learning.

josh was out of town this week and came home the night of her birthday. the kids and i didn't do anything real special for Bug. she picked her birthday lunch of mac n cheese and we played at our neighborhood park with our friends the stones after naps.

 the Stone's got hailey her first super cute night gown!
 once dad got home we loaded up and went to get frozen yogurt for the birthday girl.
i love her so much that my heart might burst! she is so sassy and sweet! she dances all the time and gives the best hugs ever. happy birthday baby girl i hope year 2 is super awesome for you.

birthday party "2"

on may 3 we had a family birthday party for our hailey bug. 
i can't believe my sweet little baby is two. those years flew by.

 i attempted my first barbie cake and it turned out ok. i know what to do next time now