Saturday, June 29, 2013


A couple of weeks ago Our sweet little man shoved and got stuck a popcorn kernel up his nose! I was home by myself with the two kiddos and tried my best to get it out but it was starting to bleed and he was starting to freak out. Luckily Josh wasn't too far from home, came home and took him to the local primary health. They popped it right out and all was good. This boy of ours, he is never a dull moment for us. He drives me crazy but I love him.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

first month

some pictures of our Hailey the first month of her life. She has been a pretty busy little girl and has been a trooper through all our activities.

first headband just a couple days old

 first bath a couple days after we got home from the hospital

We love our little girl. She really has just fallen right into our everyday routines. She does not sleep good at night and i am hoping that changes soon because i am tired! she eats a lot and finally starting to fill out. she grew out of newborn clothes/diapers at 4 wks. She loves being at the pool and still loves her pacifier.
Miss Hailey at 9 days old

So so happy with how her pictures turned out. pictures were done by BusyBee photograpy. she did a great job.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blessing day

our sweet baby girl was blessed on June 2. She was just about 3 weeks old and so precious and tiny! She wore my dressed that i was blessed in and she looked to pretty in it. Josh did a great job of giving her a sweet blessing. I love being married to such and worthing preisthood holder that can give our kids the blessings they need.

 all the amazing men that stood in on the blessing. We were happy that josh's g-pa willden happen to be in town and could come and be apart of Hailey's blessing.
 I love my sweet girl.
 my boys

 my parents
it was a beautiful day filled with love torwards the new addition to our family. We are so grateful for our sweet Hailey girl and can't wait for the days to come to watch her grow and see the person she becomes.

8 years

our sweet nephew Grant turned 8 years old on May 15. Turning that age he in our church means he can be baptized. We all went to watch him and Cory did such a great job and you could tell how proud he was of his son.
 great to be eight!
 afterwards they had a waffles and ice cream party for his big day and birthday!
i can't believe he is 8! we love our Grant and so happy for the example he is to all his younger cousins! he is such a great kid and we love him very much.
all our families were out of town for memorial day! We were left all alone to find something to do by ourselves. So we went to the zoo. Hailey slept the whole time and Owen loved every minute of it.

1/2 marathon


 my husband set a goal to run his firt half marathong this year(may18). I signed him up for one and he got training for it. Lucky for him I have siblings that like to do marathons/tri athalons so he had some good trainers. Tyson and Amanda ran the Famous potato race with him and all three did awesome! The race was 5 days after Hailey was born and i had planned on going to watch them run ,but little miss didn't sleep well that night and we didn't make it. I was bummed to miss his first big race, next time.

5 years

May 10th was our 5 year anniversary! we had planned on spending it in Portland but that plan didn't work out. So we gathered our gift cards up and went out for a low key dinner for 3.
 ended the night with a long jump on the tramp trying to get my labor started.

5 short years we have been happily married and i wouldn't want to be with anyone else but my Joshy.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Birthday Man

May 22 was my dad's 60th birthday! that's a big birthday so my mom and her sister put together a great party for my great dad. All of us kids and the cousins came over to celebrate the man of the hour.
 My aunt put together a trivial game about my Dad! it was so much fun to play and get to know things about him that us kids didn't even know.

 a picture collage of my dad through out his 60 years. it was so much fun seeing old pictures and remembering the good memories.

 awesome toy that my aunt and uncle brought to play. one sits in the middle and the outside people basically take a step back and pull. the person in the middle goes flying into the air. the lighter ones don't need much force to get very high.
 example, Grant went really high.
 from there we just played old school games and loved every minute of it.

 We all went in and bought my dad a new traeger! he is in love with it and we have had some yummy BBQ on it.

he had such a great time and i feel like he was really loved on his special day. he is a great man and has done so many wonderful things in his 60 years on this planet.