Tuesday, May 31, 2011

so fresh and so clean

this little boy LOVES bath time!
he's getting so big everyday! he's not my little newborn anymore.

Memorial Day

the whole Jakobson clan loaded up and headed down to the Shoshone Falls for the day. yes it does take 2 hours to get there an owen isn't the best passenger, but i think it all went ok. We had a picnic in the park and then walked around and saw all the different views of the huge Falls!

when we were this close to the Falls it was so cold and windy! the mist from the falls was like it was rainy on us!

Dad and Mads ( the pretty diva)

we were on the hike up the trail and it was time for him to eat and i couldn't stop to fee him. He got a bottle and ate it like a lazy boy!

it's always a fun day hanging out with my family! i love them. we were just missing tyson and Amanda! But they are coming to visit for awhile at the end of june! Hooray!

date night plus one

after 14 months i got my braces off!! hooray! i feel so great and now i look my age with a baby. So to celebrate we went out on a date...plus one cute little baby. surprisingly owen and josh have a lot of the same color shirts and that night owen and Josh were both wearing stripes. My boys are so handsome! my new pearly whites!

Josh's g-pa Willden was in town so after dinner we went out to his parents to visit with him. He was in love with little Owen and it made my heart melt! I really wanted to get a generation picture and i wasn't taking the chance that i might get one at the reunion so i got all the men together and made them pose for a picture for me. it took a few tries but this one is the best one.

4 generations

Lance(josh's dad), josh, owen and Lyle(Josh's g-pa)

the Willden men

they all have blue eyes and are all funny men.

Friday, May 20, 2011

2 months

Little Owen turned 2 months on the 9th but his check up was 10 days later so here are his stats, 13lbs

23.3 inchs

and his head is in the 76 percentile (it's full of brains)

He is a little bigger then i was at this stage and i looked way chunkier!

he did as expected with the shots....he cried hard. When we got home i fed him, gave him some Tylenol and he slept hard for the next 2.5 hours! Poor baby woke up with a pretty bad fever and later in the day he fell off the coach! safe to say it wasn't his favorite day! :(
-He smiles all the time and it melts our hearts
-Coos and blabs when we talk to him
-still sleeping from 10:30pm to about 6:00 am! we are blessed with a baby that likes to sleep!
-out grown most of his 0-3 month clothes
-LOVES his baths! he cries as soon as i pull the plug
-still very much HATES his car seat. if we go any where i usually carry him because i don't want to deal with his screaming.
-people still say sometimes he looks just like Josh and other days more of me! i think he's 50/50 which is perfect.
-he went on his first big trip to Vegas this month and did really well.
-his hair is still dark and most of the new hair is too. we are hoping it stays dark and his eyes get even bluer then they already are.

We love our sweet little man and so happy he is with us. I know i always say he is a hard baby, but he kinda was and i wouldn't change it for anything!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

more random

ignore my face this was the best out of 3 pictures josh took of me with owen and mark. sleeping once we brought him into the house for like 20 mins!

josh all ready to crawl from one end of the house the the other in the crawl space of my mom's house! dirty job! he's such a good man.

my new toy

I was needing a new phone because mine was slowly not working correctly and so I chose to just get an older iphone. then my brother tyson and my own husband talked me into getting an iphone 4! i said fine and bought it. it came in the mail and i was so excited to get it and play with all the cool things the phone has to offer. including a great camera. usually i always have my camera with me, but when i don't my cool new phone will take just as good pictures for me. here are some random pictures that i took off my phone.

my new beautiful flower pot i planted for the summer.

for Grant's 6th birthday party we went and flew these amazing kites that we got.

it was so windy and perfect for flying kites!


usually we is screaming his head off in his car seat so i had to document the silent moment!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our day

we celebrated out 3rd anniversary together on Tuesday. since we had just gotten back from Vegas we decided to stay in and have a low key day! Josh made me a fabulous dinner and cleaned to kitchen afterwards!

We then went to our favorite yogurt place, U Swirl! ummmmm!

you may not be able to tell how big this bowl his, but it's huge!

beautiful flowers from my wonderful hubby.

it was really nice to celebrate our anniversary as a family and be able to reflect back on our wedding day and how much things have changed. everything but our love for each other. I love his more today then i did 3 years ago! Josh is the best husband, best friend and dad!

mom's day

We were in Vegas over Mother's day weekend and we got to spend the day celebrating it with this beautiful mom!I'm grateful to have this wonderful lady as my mom

and I'm blessed to be this special boys mom!

Vegas part 2

Owen is 2 months old and I thought it was time that his Uncle Tyson and Aunt Amanda finally meet him. josh and I made the long drive down to Vegas to visit my brother and his family. normally it takes about 10 hours to get there, but it took us a good 14 hours. We did stop at temple square to get out of the car and to get Owen some fresh air. I was a bad mom and got owen out of his car seat to eat and to stretch a lot!

Temple Square was gorgeous with all the tulips and other flowers in full bloom. We hadn't been there since Josh proposed in Oct of 07!

picture out of order, but this is us taking a brake while shopping.

Owen did so well considering he screams for ever when ever he is in his car seat. He travels like his mom...sleeps most of the way!

it was a beautiful day and so many weddings!

taking a pit stop to eat and change a big blow out diaper.

my little big Lukey Monster! i can't believe how much he has changed since Christmas.

Kole Buddy loved Owen. He would always get right in his face and love on him or try to calm him when he cried.

We all went to the movie in the park one night and enjoyed riding the carousal.

We always have a great time with Tyson and Amanda and can't wait for them to live closer to us again one day, hopefully.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3 years

May 10th marks our 3 year anniversary! wow... i can't believe it's already been 3 years and so much has happened in that time! most importantly the arrival of our sweet baby boy! I love Josh more today then i did when we met over 4 years ago! i'm lucky i get to spend all eternity with this man. i can't wait to see what this year brings us.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

newborn baby

When Owen was 2.5 weeks we had his newborn pictures taken. he was a little pill and refused to sleep during the session and was WIDE awake and fussy. So out of a ton of pictures she snapped only like 18 turned out. The photographer did a great job and i was grateful for her patience with my baby. I think the pictures turned out beautiful and i'm happy to have the fresh baby Owen captured in pictures for ever.

if you want to see all of them go to Brookemackphotography.com

Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day what a day

beside the beautiful flowers i got for May Day my beautiful son was given a blessing by his wonderful dad and all the men that mean the world to us(Josh, Lance, my dad, cory, brent and my uncle Clyde). we did miss my brother Tyson not being there, but i know he was thinking of little Owen. I'm so grateful for the priesthood and the blessing that come from it. I love my wonderful husband and the great blessing he gave our son. Owen did so good, didn't make a peep. Me on the other side was over come by the spirit and cried like a baby.

Jill and her family made the 45 min drive to be here for owen.

I loved his sweet white outfit and the handmade shoes by his great grandma Willden.

I'm so grateful for my big family and that they were all here to help us celebrate owen being in our lives. at times he is such a struggle but i wouldn't change it. i love my sweet baby boy and the blessings he brings to all of us.