Monday, July 19, 2010

So sore

Some of us Jakobsons went boating Saturday night. It was sooooooooooo hot that it felt so nice to get wet. My pictures are way out of order ,but by the end of the night I had some sweet bangs. It looked like I curled them with a big curling iron. We thought it was funny. Anyways..... Here's Josh doing his wakeboard thing. He amazes me every time we go boating. He's not afraid to try anything and he always looks awesome doing it.

I didn't feel like wakeboarding, so I did the most natural thing...Ski! Josh hadn't ever seen me ski before so I felt some pressure to look good. I did pretty decent. This is what made me so so so sore in my shoulders from holding onto the rope. Josh is pretty still sore too.

Sweet Baby Boe, he loved riding in the boat and putting his feet on the deck and getting wet.
We missed tyson and amanda there. Josh and Brent kept saying how easy Tyson always makes wakeboarder looks. cory and Jenny skipped out to, Grant was really bummed, but no worries there are plenty of hot summer days to come.

girl friends

These are the wonderful ladies that I married into, Josh's best friend's wives. Luckily we all get along really well and really like to hang out. So we had a baby shower for little Mallory and her baby girl. it was fun just to have girl talk and see all the cute little pink stuff she got.
Me, Rachel and kristy really aren't giants, Mallory is just maybe 5 feet tall. i had jenny make me some of her super cute bows and flower clips with two headbands. They were a big hit.
Baby fever was sure in the air at this shower. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

summer swimming

Summer has official arrived and it's time to go swimming. We've been to our pool once and today I was suppose to take grant and Mads, but grant got into trouble and couldn't go. Mads wanted to go so we still went and It was a lot of fun just the two of us. She kept asking where Joshy was and Kole Buddy were. She's my sweet princess

Hopefully there will be many many more days at the pool

lots of fireworks

to start off sorry the pictures are so small I forgot my camera every time I needed it,totally not like me, and I had to use Josh's blackberry.
We had a great 4th of July weekend. We started it off on Saturday night we went to Cory and Jenny's neighborhood bbq. They had so much food and so many yummy treats and a ton of people. at the end of the night they light off a ton of awesome fireworks. it was a great way to start off our weekend. their neighbor brought out their snow cone machine and handed out free snow cones, awesome!

The "train". It's a guy on his 4 wheeler pulling a bunch of wagons tied together. It's a huge hit with the kids.

Sunday we didn't do much, but that evening we went to Ann Morison park to watch the incredible fireworks with our friends Boe and Charla.

Then on Monday everyone had the day off EXCEPT FOR ME! i was so mad I had to work, but my family didn't end up going to the lake and we ending up going to Cory's to have a nice bbq and hang out. It was a great 4th of July this year and I can't wait till next year.