Saturday, November 1, 2014

pumpkins 2014
 owen painted  his pumpkin a couple of weeks ago and loves to do it.

 sunday before Halloween we all gathered at my parents for dinner and pumpkin carving

mydaily struggle

my sweet girl is the biggest climber ever! its a daily struggle to keep her down and off of things. every morning when I'm trying to get ready I have to struggle with her trying to climb onto the bathroom counter. after many tries of getting her down, she usually wins and I give up.
 then they usually both get into everything they can find. one morning it was my makeup and she managed to open the mascara and eat the wand! this girl is into everything!

halloween 2014

such a great year for Halloween. owen is old enough to get the concept and run from house to house. he loved every minute of it. hailey went to a few houses and was so cute but she was very content just watching from the stroller. We went in our sub with our friends the stones. it was a great night and owen got sooooo much candy.
my sweet Minnie Mouse.
 bought the ears made the skirt
 our cool Lightning Mcqueen! all his idea to be, and josh and I made it a reality. it took all sunday to make the car out of a box but it turned out so awesome and I'm so proud of it.

 before we went trick or treating owen and ava had a quick leaf party in the front lawn

 hailey joined in too

 our other little neighbor friend girl came along too for a few houses. she's great with the kids
 we had quite a few houses all decked out for the holiday and it was so much fun visiting those ones
 one was a haunted house not suitable for kids, so the big guys went first and then me and Bree went. it scared me!

trunk or treat 2014

our ward trunk or treat was on Wednesday night this week. owen was soooooo excited to finally be out wearing his costume. If you can't tell he is Lightning Mcqueen. josh and I made the costume all day on sunday out of a cardboard box. it looked awesome! hailey was probably the cutest Minnie mouse ever. I bought her ears and made her skirt.
 owen and his bff Ava
 totally last minute costumes, I was a bird and he was the hunter! I'm his greatest catch ever!