Tuesday, January 20, 2015

random photos of december

here are a few random pictures of december that i want to remember but did have enough for their own post

i introduced my kids to krispy kremes. owen now asks for a doughnut everyday
 the kids stayed with my parents over my birthday night and they made me these uber cute ornaments. love!
 he got a hat like dad's and is now the coolest big kid ever
 hailey sick in the ER on dec. 23 with bad case of croup. it was a tough holiday with her being sick
 owen and carter b. went to their first football game at the bsu stadium with their dads
 he loved it and did really and he slept most of the game. they only stayed till half time cause it was cold and rainy(they were covered from the rain) and the game was kinda boring.

christmas day

christmas morning was wonderful this year with the two kids and them being older and especially owen kinda knowing who santa is and what was going to happen. we made sure to leave cookies for santa, which he ate, and santa left out one big toy for each child. it was fun watching owen and hailey be sooooo excited to see the presents and open their gifts with such joy.
 owen's big gift was a new bike. he can ride without training wheels for a while now but we were borrowing cory/jenny's little bike and so we thought it was time he got his own. And he absolutely loves it and asks to ride it all the time.
 cheeeeeese. she liked her presents but nothing was real exciting to her. she was still pretty sick with croup.

 josh got some good things but his main gift was a new ipad air 2.
 hailey did however get super excited for her baby doll and stroller. she dropped everything to play with it and pushed it around all day. she LOVES her baby doll and stroller.
 not posed! but totally sums up our kids.
 i was spoiled by my hubby and got a lot of great stuff included my new jacket and garmin running watch.
 caught him playing dress up with his and hailey's stuff

 we got showered and let owen ride his bike. then we loaded up and headed to a movie with my family and afterwards with several sick kids had dinner and games back at my parent's house.
 she may be super sick but she looked super cute and comfy
 we is one happy kid with his bike, spring can't come soon enough

 kole got a bee bee gun and brought it to my parent's that night and all the kids had fun shooting guns.
we didn't manage to visit the willden's cause of hailey being sick and us not getting sleep because she wasn't sleeping and timing just never worked. but we did celebrate christmas with them a few days later and very much enjoyed it. both grandparents spoil our kids not only with gifts but with LOVE. we are lucky!

christmas eve

christmas eve was hosted again at my parent's house and the lookhart family all came. we had great food and great company. its always fun to spend the holiday with your big loud family.

the little kids did the nativity scene which was uber cute. owen was a wise man.
 mary(lily m.) and josephe (kole j.)
 madelyn was the beautiful angel
 ending the night with cousins gift exchange.
 jenny and mady doing their part in the program. owen sang jingle bells and did a great job
 the lovely nativity scene

christmas sunday

the sunday before christmas we all got dressed in our best and enjoyed a great service and remembered the true meaning of the season

Sunday, January 4, 2015

pictures 2014

we still hadn't gotten round to doing a picture for our christmas card and by now it was end of november and had snowed A LOT! so one saturday i was talking to my friend and she offerend to take our pictures with my camera right then. i hushed home put together some outfits for us and we all headed down to merrill park for some cold family pictures. we literally were out there for like 15 mintues and then back home. all we needed was one good one, right.

here were my top faves, not edited
 this  picture won for the christmas card

the snow actually made for beautiful pictures.


i always try to make desserts when the kids are sleeping but this day just didn't happen so i had to busy hungry helpers.

eagle greenbelt

back in early november we were having a beautiful fall day and decided to go for a walk on the eagle greenbelt along the river. its just a couple minute drive from our house and at the end of the walk is a park for the kids to play some more. thanks to my camera timer and our stroller we took some impromtu family pictures.

 im so in love with my two handsome boys

i almost used this for our christmas card cause its so darn cute but we got another that just worked better.