Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Sonic

Now that i'm all caught up on my blog postings I thought I would catch up on this baby growing inside of me.
I'm now in my 13th week, doing real good. For a couple of weeks i was real sick all the time, but I think that has past! I had an appointment last week and heard it's heartbeat and everything was great. Grant has nick named the baby Sonic and it has pretty much stuck around. my little belly is growing out, just a bit! I can no longer suck in my lower gut, but i'm still waiting for the day I look little pregnant. No weird cravings yet, just like to eat every few hours. There are some foods I can't eat anymore either do to the texture or taste.

Las Vegas

Josh went on his annual Boys weekend to Seattle and I decide to go visit Tyson and his fam in Vegas. Kole was super excited to see me which made me feel good cause usually he likes me for two seconds and then moves on to Joshy or Gramdma! Amanda and I went to an amazing outlet mall and did some shopping with the boys. it was pretty hot and if I stood still too long the ground would start to burn through my shoes! We ate lunch with Tyson at his school one day and met some of there new friends. Went to a cool water park and a movie in the park at night. The park at a carousal that Kole and I were super excited about.

Baby Luke is getting so big and smiling all the time. He's still soft and squishy so I held him as often as possible. I won't see them again this mid October when Josh and I go down to visit for kinda our Babymoon.

it was so fun to hang out with Tyson and Amanda. Josh and i have really miss doing that with them. I was real sad to leave, but so happy to be back home with Josh.

My friends

My girls and I met up for dinner before Sierra left back for Utah. It was SO much fun and I forgot how much I love to hang out with my Girls. We laughed a ton and caught everyone up on everything. Our server was always laughing when she was at our table. We are a pretty entertaining group of girls. Thanks Tricia for the face to remember.


We went to the Caldwell Night Rodeo with some of our friends. It's always fun to go to the rodeo every year. Just so happens that Josh's family was there that same night we were so they came over and sat with us! It was a lot of fun and not as hot this year! Baby Sonic really enjoyed that part!
( charla, Kristy and I)


Every year on cory's birthday weekend we go camping. Usually Cory picks the place and if you can go them more the better. This year he picked camping at Yellowstone park. We were all SO excited. Last time i was there I was just little little and Josh has never been before. So we get there and it's just pouring rain! POURING!! Get to our campsite try to set up camp quickly and it starts to Hail! I only packed one pair of pants and sweatshirts for Josh and I. it was a cold on that night!

The weather was bright and sunny the next day and the next. We saw most of the popular sites to see. Everything was amazing to watch and learn about.

The whole park was gorgeous! and there was always something to stop and look at whether it was bubbling mud pits, the bluest water craters and geysers everywhere you went.

We were always on the look out for any animals. If people were pulled off the road you bet we stopped to see what was happening. We had seen a few elk but was so excited when we started to see a ton of buffalo. We went down this cliff to look and huge herd across the water and when we came up this big buffalo was walking right behind our car! it was so exciting to see it that close. Later we were stopped on the road by a huge herd taking there time crossing the road. it was so cool to be able to be SO close to wildlife.

lastly we went on some major hiking to see beautiful lower and upper Falls of Yellowstone. They were unexplainable huge and breathtaking.

Yellowstone was amazing and I hope we can go back soon and see even more of the park. We did so much and i took so many more pictures but not enough time to blog about it all.
These were just some of the highlights from the trip.

Amanda and the boys trip

Amanda and her boys were in town for her sister's baby blessing and came and stayed with my mom for a couple of days. It was great to see them. i had really been missing Amanda, kole and baby Lukey.
all of us girls and kiddos went to the zoo and had a picnic in the park. Lucky for us it was the hottest day every! highlight of the zoo was we paid to feed the giraffes and that was so awesome. The kids weren't so sure of it to begin with, but by the end the didn't want to be done.

Amanda and i left the boys with mom and did go and do a little bit of shopping before she left.

The three kids really like to play with each other so it was really nice to see them all back together for a bit. When mady first saw kole she said ," Kole buddy." and he said, "hi Mady" then they hugged!! It totally melted my heart.
it was so sad to see them leave, but i knew that i would be seeing them again in a few weeks when i go and visit them in Las Vegas.

Monday, August 16, 2010


I have a lot to blog about, but this pregnancy is zapping all my energy and i don't ever feel like blogging, but I promise as soon as I get my camera battery charged and my body's I'll have some great posts.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

how does that poem go....

First comes love... Then comes marriage....
Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!

I'm Pregnant!!!

We are SUPER excited for this little person growing inside of me. It's so strange to know that we are going to be parents and responsible for this baby. It's going to be so loved by so many people. It's still very surreal, but hearing it's little heart beat brought tears to our eyes! That what I do now, cry, a lot! I'm feeling real good, if I don't eat something hardy in the morning I'm pretty nauseous by 10. Josh has been awesome and he is so thrilled to be a dad. He will be the best dad!

I'm due March 8th, 2011.
I'm looking forward to absolutely everything that involves being pregnant!
We feel so blessed to be having this little spirit in our lives.