Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday weekend

The Jakobson family went camping again this past weekend.(phew we've been camping a lot this summer) This camping trip we do every year for my brother Cory's birthday! Of course we picked the coldest weekend to go and my head froze at night, but our luck it did warm up for us to take a nice hike and ride the dirt bike and the little kiddos rode Grant's awesome 4-wheeler.

Happy Birthday Cory! you've accomplished a lot in the past 20 plus 10 years and have produced the two cutest kids ever!

we found a great open area at the top of our hike to just sit and watch everyone ride the dirt bike. (we're missing Jenny the photographer, mom and Cory they were off watching Cory ride the dirt bike.)
I really wanted to try and ride it, but it was just a little too big and heavy... and a little scary. So the first time I started it and tried to take off I killed it and that was the end for me. Next year we need to get a smaller bike for us girls to ride.

Grant has had his gas power 4-wheeler since he was 2.5. and has really learned to ride it and he has only rolled it once. So he took Madelyn and Kole for rides on it and loved showing them how to ride it. He got tired and a little scared riding it down the mountain so I rode it down for him. Yes I'm a little to heavy for it and weigh it down a bit, but it was better than walking and everyone always gets a good laugh out of it.

I love camping with the family it's always a good time!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I think we've called everyone, but if for some reason you didn't get a phone call I'm sorry!

But...................Josh got a job!! yay!!

He'll basically be working with the same material he was with his old job but he'll be learning more about setting up blue prints for the building and it's cooling/heating needs.

We are very excited for this opportunity for him to learn more and get him off that darn mower.( which we are VERY grateful he even had some type of job)

And yes we'll be moving out of the parentals house :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

update on our summer

Still no computer but I needed to blog so I used my work computer.
We went camping again this past weekend and had a great time with my family.
We did a lot of playing in the water and getting a lot of sun
I'm getting ready for a very early morning wakeboard

Josh is looking so awesome on the wakeboarding

it was so beautiful where we camped and the water was sooo warm and felt so good in the 100 degree weather.

One night after work my dad took us tubing, We haven't done that in a long time and we had such a blast. I love that we live so close to a lake and are able to do that

We also experienced the glow in the dark mini golf with our good friends. It was fun but maybe a only once a year thing.

So that has been our summer pretty much, playing in the sun, softball, camping and boating as much as possible.
Next goal: Josh finding a job and moving out

Willden Family Reunion

A couple of weekends ago we traveled down to Loveland, CO for the annual Willden Reunion. It was sooooo much fun and great to see all the texan family. We look forward to this every year! We really at a great time this year and I feel so much closer to everyone that came. We really miss everyone and can not wait till next years!

This was our campsite right next to a beautiful big creek
My camera battery failed that first night so this is the only pic of us or anyone from the weekend

Parden my sad eyes, I was suffering from horrible allergies on the side of the road

Beautiful Idaho Sunset. This was our view when we finally were able to get back on the road.

Long story, Our car broke down about 1.5 hour into our trip. We were stranded or a long time with little to no cell service. It was horrible and sooooo hot. Eventually my dad made his way down with the tow truck and switched us cars and 5 hours later we were on our way again. It set us back a lot but ending up working out great.