Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Snow

it snowed a little on Sunday ( that's josh cool work van) then a lot last night
and it's awesome! I can't remember the last time there was snow on the ground for Thanksgiving.
I'm officially listening to Christmas music now.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sick day

josh had been real sick most of last week. Sunday he was still feeling yucky so he decided to take Monday off to relax his body. It was really nice to have him home and spend the whole day just the two of us doing random things together. I love him!
The End.


Every fall Josh and his brother and Dad are all about hunting. i no longer have my Saturday's with my husband. So i figured before I get too big and it gets too cold i'll go out hunting with them and see what it's all about. it was a beautiful fall day and i got a lot of much needed exercise. this is Jake. It's amazing to watch the dogs let loose and hunt for birds.

griz dog caught a bird all by himself in a brush. the boys were pretty excited for him.

unfortunately the 4 hours walking in the morning we really didn't see much. which is very unusual for the boys. After lunch Lance met up with us and we went out for another few hours and had a lot better luck hunting pheasants. I had a lot of fun being out with the boy! i would definitely do it again. I was extremely tired that night and slept really well.


i'm in my 6th month and feeling great. i'm growing quite the baby belly!! I'm also running out of my cute clothes to wear, it makes me a little sad.
We also just found out that our little guy is going to have another BOY cousin, that will make 6 boy cousins and ONE sweet princess for the Jakobson side.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Gotta laugh

i was looking at one of my pregnancy blog websites and they had posted a bunch of funny jokes and this one i can relate to now!

Fall colors

Saturday morning, while Josh was hunting again, I was at mom's helping watch Grant and Madelyn. They really look forward to racking mom's leaves in her front lawn.It was just a crisp morning and the leaves were such a beautiful yellow and orange colors just covering the whole lawn. it was fun!

Baby update:
He is doing great, no problems at all. The dr thought she had a profile picture at my appt today(23 wks), but he quickly moved and we couldn't get another good shot of his sweet face!so we stillhave no profil picture of him, stubborn boy! He isn't shy about being a boy! and he is moving so much and it feels so great to see and feel him moving. He was having a party in my stomach the other night and Josh was able to feel him move for quite awhile. It was a special moment for us. if he keeps growing like he is chances are we will probably have a good size baby! oh no!


Another year older and wiser too, happy birthday Joshy! His birthday was on Sunday, but we spent the whole weekend celebrating him. Friday night we went out with our friends the Lobbs and Zanders to Tucanos. So good and so much fun. afterwards us and the Lobbbs went to the movies to end the night! Saturday was the bsu game at 1:30 in the afternoon so my family got all together to watch the game and to open presents for Josh.
Sunday, his actual birthday, we went to his parent's house. on Saturday i gave him his presents, but I wanted to save one for him to open on Sunday. I gave him this little little BSU jersey for our little guy! Josh LOVED it and is so excited to have him wear it next season.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH! you are the best husband I could ever ask for and my best friend. I know you are going to make the best dad in a few months.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

to start off i didn't blog about our annual jakobson carving pumpkin party. we usually do it the sunday before halloween and everyone comes over to mom and dad's to eat stew and carve pumpkins. The little kids do their trick or treating then as well. G-ma always has a cute little Halloween bag for each of the grandbabies. Our little guy even got a little something this year.
( i look really large in this picture, but it's just a really bad angle, i swear I'm not that large)
Boe the monkey!our good friends the Lobb's always host a Halloween party and it never fails that we always have a blast dressing up and having a ton of laughs with each other.
Boe, a power ranger, and josh the car freshener.

most of the boys all dressed up, just image all their spouses costumes that matched with them.

At the last minute i ditched our original costume ideas and came up with being Car Fresheners. I think they turned out pretty awesome and i was proud of myself for making them last minute.

I'm exciting for next year and already have some sweet costume ideas for our little family.