Tuesday, November 5, 2013

a lot of new post, you might even need to go another page to see them all.

pumpkin painting

 we got two smaller pumpkins in thought for owen to paint them. i held it off because i wasn't sure how my wild child was going to do with paint. He did so good! quietest 30 mins ever! he sat there and painted his pumpkins with such care and love. He absolutely loved it and still talks about how he painted his punkins.

halloween part 1

 happy halloween! Miss hailey sported her "daddy's under my spell" shirt on halloween and we all know it's true! We had such a fun time this year. Owen is old enough to really get going to the door, saying trick or treat, thank you and getting super excited to get candy. We decided to go in our neighborhood this year and glad we did cause we saw a lot of our friends.
 our big dinasour
 Miss mouse

 Tyson and amanda and their boys came and went with us!
 these kids are so darn cute! very proud of my kiddos!
 He got so much candy! what a trooper, we went to almost all the houses in our subdivision and saw some pretty awesome houses that not only scared Owen but me as well!

halloween part 2

 Trunk or treat was so much fun this year. owen was totally into it and was so stinkin cute in his dinasour costume. it was fun getting together with our church friends to celebrate the holiday.

halloween part 3

 we went trick or treating at my mom's a few days before halloween and carved our pumpkins.

 owen was really into the pumpkin and not scared of the insides at all.

 the kids with their great pumpkins
 Boe and Camden came a couple weeks earlier and trick or treated to my parents then.


 these beautiful trees in our front yard have left a ton of leaves on the ground and you bet Owen was in heaven when we went outside to play in them.

a little boys dream come true! he ran up and down and jumped into them and throwed them high high in the sky. oh how i love idaho fall time!

birthday part 1

 Bright and early on oct 5, we all met down at a park for my mom's big birthday celebration. Her and my dad were going on a hot air balloon ride! the owners of the balloon were so awesome and let us get super close and help out. it was a neat experience for all.
 Birthday girl
 the balloon is huge!
 my great parents ready for their ride

  and they are off, we followed them to their landing spot.
 the kiddos thought it was so cool
 after they landed the owners let all of us take rides in it! we didn't go flying but we did get up pretty high. so much fun!
 afterwards we went to cory and jenny's for breakfast and her big gift, and new entertainment center.

such a cool birthday celebration for a great mom!

party party 2

trying to surprise my mom is super hard! we had to hurt her feelings a lot just to pull this off. us kids had a surprise party a few days after her actual birthday. and boy she was surprised! we went with a hot air balloon theme and played fun games.

 she had a great party and felt super special! we had fun giving her such a special party for a special age! happy birthday mom you are the best there is!