Sunday, May 25, 2014

summer has arrived

we've been having nice weather for awhile now and the other day it got up to 87! we met amanda and the boys at the park and the splash pad was open and the boys took their shirts off and had the greatest time! hailey eventually joined them and LOVED it.

 we got home and owen spotted his besties Ava at our pool so i for went naps and we went to the pool for the afternoon. owen had the best time but sweet hailey still isn't feeling well from her teeth that she didn't really like it she probably would have liked a long nap instead.

after some naps josh got home and that night we walked to the park in our neighborhood and swang but it was so hot we didn't last long
i'm SO happy that the pool is open and owen can get some engergy out! we love the pool and friends in the hot summer days!

one year stats

she is our petite lil girl, she's actually average weight and height but compared to owen she is tiny.
20 pounds
28 inchs

naps twice a day

three bottles of whole milk a day usually right befor nap

really only eats what we are eating. tried peanut butter and jelly sandwichs and she loved them

she can eat! not sure where it's going though

sleeps 12+ hours a night

binky is still her biggest friend

walks like a champ all the time. one weekend she just decided to stop using crawling as her crutch and walk. she may be trying to run but that's not working out so well for her head

she got her 4 top teeth all at once! it has been awful but i'm glad she got 4 at once! she has been real sad and sick with them coming in. the last one just broke throuh a couple of days ago so i'm hoping she is be her happy self again soon.

in most 12-18 month clothes still in some 12 month bottoms

size 4 diaper

may 13th, she turned one!

i can not can not believe my sweet baby girl is one! where did the year go? she is the best and for her special day she got her pictures taken and felt very spoiled.
 how sweet is she taking a nap
 he best guy friend matthew poulson came over and gave her a balloon
 she went to the park with one of her besties Emma stone
 gma Jane came over and she gave hailey a present, a play tea set, and then went to dinner with us.
 one happy girl with that milk shake all to herself
 sneek peek at one of her pictures, gorgouse!
We love our hailey bug so much and feel so blessed that she's part of our family. happy birthday sweet girl and  hope your next year was as great as your first.

mothers day

i love mother's day! we went to church had a good lil lunch and then headed over to my mom's with tyson and amanda to have a yummy dinner and to plant flowers. 

 i love being a mother! i'm grateful for my mother who paved the way for me to hopefully be a good mother to my kids and for josh's mom who raised an amazing man. being a mother is the hardest job i have ever had but it's so rewarded and i wouldn't change it for anything.
owen made this in nursery at church and was so excited to give it to me. i will cherish it forever!

6 years

our anniversary just will always fall on the busies  weekend for us. it's our anniversary, mothers day and then hailey's birthday and then some others during the week. busy busy, but we found time to go out on our actually day the 10th. i love going to parade of homes and we planned on going to see a lot of them but only had time for one and it was a beauty. 
 we went to the best yet super fancy steak house ever! so yummy, my steak melted in my mouth!
 our dessert! they new it was our anniversary and had rose petals on the table and our dessert was free.

what a great 6 years it has been with now 2 beautiful children and our love grows bigger and stronger every day.


we left hailey with my parents for the day and headed fishing with papa lance and grandma janie. josh's parents have a fishing boat and they got owen a cute fishing pole for his birthday and he has been asking ever since to go fishing. Well we finally did and the weather was perfect and just so happens that josh's uncle was in town and went along fo the ride too.
 this lil boy was in heaven all day fishing.

Friday, May 2, 2014

11 months

our Hailey bug is currently 11.5 months old! she seriousley makes me smile and laugh everyday. she is a great baby and we love her so so much. she is growing and exploring so much. she is quite the firecraker personalilty now and is a busy body but she can entertain herself really well. everything makes her happy and content. is fun to see her try to do big things like put and hat on or sunglasses. climb in chair and sit, play with a cell phone and know to put it to her hear and jabber!

 she sometimes fall asleep at church and this past sunday she zonked out for a sweet snuggle with josh
naps twice a day

sleeps 12 + hours

two teeth on bottom and currently cutting her two top teeth. that has been miserable for every one

loves food. will eat baby food but much prefers big people food

binky is a favorite thing still

crawls like a champ and can walk pretty good but she prefers to crawls which is annoying cause she is wearing the knees down on her pants!

started taking steps at a few weeks ago and now can walk pretty well if she wants to.

busy busy busy, she's on the go a lot

size 4 diapers

some 6-12 month clothes but moving into 12-18 slowly

3 bottles a day still

we love her and the happiness she brings into our home!


spring sprung in the month of april and that ment my door was open and owen was outside playing all day long. it's not unusually to see the boy cousins over to play or owen outside playing with his best bud and our neighbor Ava. i love the warmer weather and being outside playing.

 Hailey is also a big fan of being outside! she is a trooper and crawls all over the road and driveways wanting to play with the big kids

 he wasn't so happy to share the swing with Hailey
 on saturdays a few of our nephews and our neice have games. we enjoy going and supporting them in their activities (Boe, Madelyn, Kole and luke)
 owen and Ave riding their scooters all day EVERYDAY!
 and around the corner are some more friends to play with
 my outside baby. no shoes or a shirt just a onsie
 carter and owen at a local park

we love living in a subdivision with so many kids to play with and our besties the Stone right across the street from us. not to mention so many parks around and friend group get togethers. our little park in our subdivision is a frequent visit. hello spring not bring on summer and the pool~!

easter 2014

doing one very long post for easter but i'll let the pictures do most the talking

first we had an egg hunt at our church the weekend before. Owen was so excited and really got into finding the eggs.

 his best bud and neighbor Ava Stone
 Easter morning we have 9 am church but the kids saw their baskets and then we we late for church
 owen got his swim suit and flip flops

 Hailey got a swim suit and some sandals

 I love my pretty girl
 and i love my handsome boys
 easter dinner was at my parents and they had a huge egg hunt for all the grandkids and a delicious dinner

we had a great easter this year with owen getting into the whole finding the eggs and the easter bunny but we were more then happy to share with them his real reason for the season, our beloved christ and all he did and still does for us. we are blessed!