Sunday, December 28, 2014

my birthday

i love birthdays especially when it's my birthday. this year december was crazy month but my day was approaching and a friend of my sent out invites to another friend of mines surprise birthday party to be held on my day! her bday was a few days later.  was a little bummed but whatever a party is a party. well my awesome friend Bree felt bad about the situation too and surprised me the night before my day with some of my favorite people and we went out to the movies and had a great girls night out. it was so great!
 on my day josh and the kids took me out to lunch

 josh got me gorgeous roses and the sweetest card
 along with this perfect watch! spoiled i tell ya!

christmas lights

we went to two places to see lights this year. 
 first was the botanitcal gardens with a big group of our friends
 second was the lights in downtown caldwell, which were amazing an free! my parents and tyson/amanda came with us to those

christmas tree

this year for our tree we went to the lot and pick a tree still wrapped and didn't unwrap it till we got home. it was kinda fun waiting for the surprise of what kind of tree we got. 

we got a beautiful tree and the kids loved helping me decorate it. hailey only broke one ornament.

temple square lights

i've gone to utah a couple of times to help out with the boys and stuff and the last time we went josh joined us. I've never been to see the lights at temple square before and really wanted to go, so we did. Us, brent and his boys went down saturday night.

 we decided to ride the train down since it was a saturday night and traffic was crazy busy
 the lights were gorgeous! it was really busy thought but still a great experience

november pictue dump

so much happened in november that here are just a few random photos from the month
 me and my two girls, bree stone and kate pearman, out on the town

 forgot the double stroller
 hailey burned her foot in the sink with scolding hot water. so so sade
 this handsome man had a birthday
 mark and hailey on one of the tuesday kids exchange that me and my two SIL do


thanksgiving this year was with the willdens.dana hosted and us and their parents came. it was a very fun and simple day filled with love and laughter.
 i got a gingerbread house kit for owen to decorate. Grandma Janie got in on the actions too.

Elena Jakobson

most know my SIL Elena was diagnosed with leukemia on November 3. she has endured more then i could imagine and has been the best trooper. she has done a round of intense cemo and has sent it in remission but is now having side effects from that intense cemo. which is leading her to have to have a bone marrow transplant soon. she has been an increible wife, mother, friend, patient and and inspiration to all of us. 
we love he so much and pray every day for her health and family.
(this picture was taken a couple weeks into her treatment, she now is rockin the beautiful bold head)

first snow

the day we flew back home from sunny california there was  big snow storm happening! of course the next morning we had a fun day playing in the beautiful white snow. it snowing like 8 inchs in one day!
 hailey and emma stone
 owen and his bff Ave stone
 us and tyson and amanda's family went to the near by park and sled down the huge hill there

november 2014

18 months

im so far behind with this since she's now 19.5 months old but i still want to document her growth.\

she is in her toddler bed, until she is 2. she sleeps reall well now and loves the freedom to get in and out whenever.
 she started nursery and it was a sad yet happy day for me. i had been taking her for a lil bit here and there on sundays to get her use to the people but it was weird not having a hall buddy with me.
 at her check up
weight- 22.5 lbs
height- 31.5 inch? somewhere around that height i believe

she is still 50% for both. growing right on track and nice and healthy

loves her pacifier

is currently at 19.5 months her last 4 teeth have mostly come in at the same time. she then will have all her teeth except her 2 year old molars

sleeps like a champ except when teethng and sick

eat a ton but play a ton and burns most of it off. at least thats how i'm convinced is why she isn't fatter then she is.

she is active, climbs everything

at 19.5 months old she is curently dealing with the bad case of the croup and it has been horrile. she has two ear infections too. she coughed up blood one night, which is from her coughing she broke blood vessels in her neck. poor girl!

disneyland part 2

we spent 3.5 days at disneyland and california adventure and we could have spent longer! i am so happy i married a man that loves disney as much as i do. i see many more trips to the park in our future.

i'll let the picutes do the talking but we went on most every ride and so did owen, the ones he was tall enough for, and met a ton of characters. we did everything we could probably more then once too.