Thursday, December 13, 2012


my best friend Jill just delivered her twin babies early wednesday morning. yes they were born on 12*12*12! lucky kids. the boy is Emmett Cash weighing in at 6 lbs and the sweet girl is Elsie corrine weighing in at 6.6 lbs. Jill is such a trooper and delivered easily and quickly. she is an amazing mother and seriously born to bare children. I am one proud friend!
Aren't they the cutest babies! i could snuggle them all day if i didn't have my own wild child to tend to.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

family pictures 2012

here are some of our family pictures we did this year. Owen didn't want anything to do with taking pictures, so i'm surprised that we even got one decent picture of him. plus all the ducks were not helping at getting my son to look at the camera. We had so many good shots, but Owen was either screaming or totally not looking.

 because i don't have a stand and clicker i have to ask someone to take the picture with my camera and then i edit them. This year Jenny was kind enough to take on the task of snapping the pictures. A course Mads came and i just can't help but take her picture. she is SO pretty.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

baby #2

So yes i am barely showing in this shot, but i love taking a picture even month of my growing bump.
Besides not showing quickly just like my first pregnancy, I also wasn't sick at all.
BUT....with a lot of similarities with both pregnancies so far, i have two very different things happening this go around.
1. my sense of smell is out of control. i smell everything to the 10th degree. sometimes and good thing, most of the other time it is  HORRIBLE thing.
2. I was diagnosed with low blood pressure this go around. which is so weird because i always have perfect pressure. But with that low pressure i get REALLY horrible head aches and dizzy/ fainting spells. not fun....not fun at all.
And my weight gain is way less, probably because of my wild child I care for :)
I just needed to record those things because i never had them with my first pregnancy. And also I love how owen totally photo bombed my picture!! Silly boy.

Thanksgiving 2012

This year Thanksgiving was spent with the Willden family. while the men went hunting in the morning I got my food/dessert ready at my parent's house. Owen LOVED playing in all the leaves at my parent's house.

 Owen was having a grumpy weird day, but he loved helping G-ma Janie make the gravy.
 Dana hosted the dinner and even cooked the Turkey and a few other food herself! and it was so delicious.

 Dana tried to make home made rolls like G-ma Karma but we couldn't get them to turn out very well. good thing we had store bought back ups.
We had a great intimate Thanksgiving with the Willden family and are so very grateful for all of our many amazing blessings.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

birthday boy

my handsome blue eyed boy had a birthday on the 7th. sadly he was out of town on his birthday and then we left for our trip. I still tried to make it special with some gifts and a little date night.
 his work got him a cake during one of their classes. it made me happy that even though he wasn't home on his day, he was still spoiled.
this is his last year of his twenties! I love him so much and so grateful for his hard work he does and the great dad he is to Owen.

happest place on earth


Best trip ever!! Josh had NEVER been! shocking I know. things just worked out that we were able to save and plan this great trip for our family.November was the perfect time. not super hot and super short lines.  My mom was able to come with us, which was a huge help! and i'm pretty sure she loves Disneyland as much as I do! i remember going all the time growing up and now i'm excited to start that tradition with my family.
 there are NO words to describe how happy Owen was to see Mickey! it brought tears to my eyes and the biggest smile on our faces.

 our second day there Tyson and his family came down and met us. Owen always has so much fun with his cousins.

 the park was decorated for Christmas and on main street they played christmas music. It WAS magical.

 He loves his hat
 Kole and Owen had on almost identical outfits. totally not planned
 tyson and I. We went on almost every ride and everyone took turns with the kids while some went on the adult rides.
 Owen was always passed out by night time, we wore him out. he slept so well those few days.
We had the greatest time and CAN NOT wait to go back.

pit stops

We went to Disneyland!! nest post on that trip, but to break up the drive for Owen we made quick pit stops in utah at Brent's and Vegas at Tyson's. we never were in one place too long before we hit the road again, but it sure did help only driving 6 hours at a time.

at the end of the trip we drove over to the beach in Newport. the weather was a little sad, but we still had fun at the beach and what not. I LOVE the beach!! So did all the boys.

  the beginning of the trip in Utah it snowed non stop for at least a day! They got so much snow and owen was in heaven playing before we left again.
 we were able to slip in some time for the aquarium in Sandy too.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Color run

back in October Josh and I ran another 5k run. I figured it will be my last race for awhile. I was just under 3 months pregnant. the race was during a major cold freeze and we were freezing!! But the fun of the race made up for it. So, at certain spots in the race you got covered with a color.

 Some of our girlfriends did the race as well but there were SO many people that we didn't see them till the end.
 i'm so happy that i have a partner that loves to do activities with me.
We had so much fun and got covered in color but definitely not as much as some other people!

all things Halloween

Halloween was so much fun this year with Owen. He is old enough to go door to door and collect his candy. He had a lot of fun especially cause he had his fun cousins to trick or treat with. He was Sheriff Owen and looked SO cute!

 the babies were REALLY scared of Grant's costume when he put his mask on. it was kinda funny.

 our costumes at our friends annual halloween party
 some of the girls in their costumes at the party. everyone did a really good job on there costumes this year.
 Owen was really into the pumpkin carving this year. he would try to put the guts back in after Josh scraped them out. we even caught him eating some of the pumpkin lid.

 scary skeleton Grant and La La Loopsy Madelyn.
we trick or treated in Jenny's neighborhood and had so much fun and at the end was a super scary decorated house that was perfect to end the night with.