Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Willden Family Reunion

it's that time of the year again when all of us Willden's get together for a long weekend. Again it was in loveland, Colorado. It took us a good 13 hours to get there, but totally worth the drive. the way home we made better timing with it only taking 10 hours. There was a lot of us Willdens, camping, doing a lot of eating ,talking and a ton of laughing. We look forward to this trip every year and it never disappoints us. We can't wait till next year!
one of the days all the of the men plus a lot of the kiddos and usually me make a long drive up to the top of a mountain and shoot guns. The view is gorgeous from the top of the mountain, you can literally see for miles.
I did a lot of hogging of this little guy, Aaron. i was in baby heaven with him.

i really enjoy all the willdens and we really missed not having chick and katie and their families there. hopefuuly next year we'll see them

Monday, June 21, 2010


Josh and I came home to these items waiting for us. The only person that would do that for us is my Mom and Dad. They spoil us kids rotten and i'm so grateful to have them as parents. Now I just need to get out and do some yard work.

Father's Day

The Jakobson fam all got together to celebrate the dad's in our lives. Since Josh isn't a daddy yet he took it upon himself to bbq the food for everyone and it started to down pour rain on him. he's such a great guy! That same day Tyson blessed Luke, which was a beautiful blessing, afterwards Josh was holding Boe and a girl came over and said, "happy father's day, which candy bar do you want." Josh giggled and said no no i'm not a dad and the girl said if you're over 18 take a candy bar. So he took one and I ate it!
This was our last sunday all together before Tyson and Amanda move this weekend. It was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone.
all of the grand kids. they all love their papa SO MUCH and love the he takes them for rides in his equipments or they can always count on him to give them a bear squeeze or "eat" their ears. he loves to make them laugh. Besides being a great papa he's a great dad to all of us kids. He has great advice to always give and you can always count on him to know a lot of random facts and to always be there to talk.
top right to lower left: Grant, Boe, Madelyn, Kole and new baby Luke

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Luke photoshoot

Luke had his first well really it was his second photoshoot the other day. He was wide awake and was squirming everywhere. It has hard to get some shots, but I believe we got like a ton more super cute ones. He did pee twice, I guess he's just real relaxed in front of my camera!

We're back in business

We moved into our new house last weekend and it has been a dream ever since. The families came over to help load and unload the trucks of our stuff. At times like that I'm really grateful for my big strong brothers. We are still amazed that this house is all ours and we just lay in bed in amazement and that our room is so big. We just got cable and Internet yesterday, and that was the longest week of my life ever!

We've been spending a lot of time with my brother and his family before they move away next weekend. We took all the kiddos to the little fair in Nampa while Jenny played in the meridian orchestra at the park, and they had a BLAST!

Kole buddy really was a lot of fun that night and he loved his Joshy.

Mads and Kole on a ride, Grant rode some of the kiddy rides but Josh took him on the roller coster and he thought that was pretty cool. Kole always had a huge grin on his face the whole time and Mads was always singing on the rides. They are so funny!

Spending A LOT of time with this new guy, Luke! I'm so sad that they are moving away and taking this brand new baby with them. He is such a good baby and so cute and squishy. I love him! Josh holds him and always says, " He's so TINY!"

There is A LOT of stuff you have to buy when you buy a house. Example A, a lawn mower and weed eater! Expensive little guys but much needed for our jungle of a yard. Josh was really stoked about buying it and mowing his own yard and making it look awesome.

Most everything is unpacked, not put away, but unpacked. My wonderful mom put my kitchen together and I put our room together and everything in between is still a mess. Life is pretty good right now and we feel so blessed that everything is finally falling into place for us.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Perfect Baby

tyson and Amanda had their perfect little boy on Monday afternoon.
Luke Allen Jakobson
7lbs 14oz 20 inches (We weren't expected such a big baby for her)
he's beautiful and chunky and has light brown with a lot of blond hair.
He also has a lot of hair especially on the back side of his head.
Kole loves his baby Luke a lot
Amanda did fabulous and had such a easy day and deliver.
Tyson couldn't be more proud of him
She looks great for just having a baby.
congrats to them!


I've felt the need to finish projects before we move out of my parents house. First was to final finish my quilt. I got a burst of energy to get in and get it done. It turned out really good and BIG! I definitely fits our queen size bed. My mom was a huge help and she came up with a super cute border to give it a little character. My mom months ago bought me a huge flower pot and it just sat and sat until one Saturday I got the urge to get it planted before we move out. I think I turned out super cute and I'm excited to put it on our back patio and stare at it all the time.

I still need to sand and paint an old bench that i got from my mom. It's going to go in our entry way so i really want to finish it before the end of the weekend.
I thinks that's all my projects for now. We finally bought a Fridge and Josh and Brent dropped it flat on it's back getting it out of Josh's van. I could only laugh and think that was really the easiest way to get it out.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jump Creek

on Memorial Day the whole family got together and we were going to go for a picnic and jump creek, but it was a rainy day. So we opted to have the picnic in the house and then we drove out to hike Jump Creek. I don't think I had ever been there before and some of my sisters haven't been there so it was a lot of fun. With the little kiddos with us it made us adults go exploring more into the caves and tunnels. It wasn't as long as I thought, but we still had a ton of laughs and exercise. Amanda and Kole watching safely below. She's due any day now so we thought the hike and climbing rocks would put her in labor. It didn't!

We some how got all the little kids out on this boulder to take there picture. But getting them back safely was more of a challenge. I went out to get Mads and almost fell off a rock, so I handed her to dad and he ending of falling into the water! It was super funny and it was only just over his ankle deep at that point.

it was a beautiful hike and the fall isn't some huge waterfall, but it was still really nice to sit and admire it.

We were all very cautious of poison ivy, even though none of us were sure what it really looked like. So Mads, being the dare devil she is, was carried lots of the way to make sure she didn't touch anything or jump off a rock. And plus she thought she needed to be carried the whole time. :) She loves here Joshy!

He says the cutes things

Grant and I were on our way to Grandma's house the other day when he tells me that Josh and I should get a dog. I said, " we should, what kind should we get?"
Grant: "you guys should get one that's big and fluffy and one that I can ride on or snuggle with and maybe one that runs real fast."
Me: laughing to myself
Grant: " they come in all different colors like Red......yellow.....blue...brown...black...grey......Oh! and Green! Ya Ya Green!
Me: laughing to myself
the imagination that he has. It never makes for a boring car ride with him. He's also great at answering his own questions. :)