Friday, September 24, 2010


Last night I surprised Josh with tickets to the Brad Paisley concert! we weren't planning on going, bu i kept hearing it on the radio and really wanted to go so about two hours before the show i bought the tickets and waited for josh to get home from Twin Falls to tell him! the concert was AMAZING! Best concert I've been too yet!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

a kid again

A couple of weeks ago i babysat Grant and Madelyn. We made a huge fort that we all sat in and ate our mac n cheese while watching cartoons. Super fun! immediately after dinner we had to fix popcorn and watch a movie! Madelyn acourse wanted to watch a princess movie! Grant was VERY concerned about watching to make sure I made the popcorn correct! He's not mad, he's just wouldn't take his eyes off the machine. I always love to play with the kids and feel so loved by them.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

early delivery

I saw this crib online at a store i was thinking i could never afford anything from! I was thinking it was too early to be buying big stuff for the baby but, i fell in love and lucky for us the crib was on a GREAT sale and free shipping! So i bought it and it came in the mail, we put it together and It's BEAUTIFUL and and I'm so excited to be getting baby stuff! It's real, we are actually having a baby!

Our crib is a darker stain then the crib in the picture, but you get the idea. We find out the gender in a few weeks and then the fun begins with decorating and bedding!

Monday, September 13, 2010

off it went

As much as i love long hair and wish so bad that my thin damaged hair looks good long, it doesn't and I face the fact every once in awhile and i chop it off. I'm happy that I can pull off short hair and it makes my hair looks so much healthier and fuller! My sister Amanda really wanted me to take pictures of all angles and post them, well this is the best I got. It is sorta an A-line, but I like to say it's a cool bob! A little shorter in the back longer in the front. I love it! it does take a lot longer to style then I'm used to, but I guess it's time i have a grown up hair style. Thanks to my mother n law who bought me a brand new incredible straightener to help with my new style.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cheap Date

On Friday it was real hot still so the kiddos and my mom came over and we all went swimming for probably the last time this year. it's so much more fun swimming with Grant and Mads then by ourselves. Josh had asked me out on a date earlier that week, so friday night we went out to eat at Goodwood and then a movie. The best part was we didn't spend a dime, unless you count my candy I bought before the movie.
I love my hubby and i'm happy that I get so giddy still when I get dressed up and go out on a real date together! We know that dates are going to be few and and in between when little sonic gets here. if you look closely you can see my little little baby bump!