Monday, October 29, 2007


I don't have pictures for this post yet. But My two wonderful sister n laws are prego! Amanda who is Tyson's wife is hopefully due on my birthday December 18. They are having a baby boy!So not much longer and good thing cuz he's getting pretty big in the belly. Jenny who is Cory's wife is expection a baby girl! She's going to be my first neice and I'm very anxious for her to get here.Which is going to be there second kid. Grant is very excited for his baby sister to get here. And he's not afraid to lift moms shirt to show you her.

Halloween Party

So Josh and I went to his good friends halloween party. It was so much fun! Josh and I dressed up like baseball players and had shirts made that said TEAM WILLDEN on them. Our good friends Boe and Charla had the best and funniest costumes.

I'm engaged

So it's almost been a month, but Josh proposed on October 5, 2007. We went down for General Conference and everything he had planned for that special night didn't happen. So he had to use plan Z. It was also rainy like crazy to help the situation. He popped the question on the steps of the Salt Lake Temple when the lights just came on so it was very pretty. He did the romantic talk and told me how special I was to him. I was totally shocked so I didn't cry, but 30 minutes later I was a wreck of happy tears.