Monday, October 17, 2011

7 months

this crazy happy boy turned 7 months old this month. he loves to be active and to play!

LOVES loves loves bath time. he splashes so much!

besides crawling pretty well now he also likes to pull himself up and stand! which has led to a lot of falling and knocking of his head. which leads to lots of tears!

he still takes 2 good naps a day

sleeps from 8pm-8am

loves his food

he is 7 months old and wear 12 months clothes!

he loves to play and laugh

he does a laugh where he crinkles up his nose

still no teeth....i'm not surprised

We love our happy fun baby !


Half of October

here is what has happened so far this month....

Celebrated my mom's birthday. we went on a family bike ride. all her babies minues Kole, Luke and baby Will.

josh went out of town for a week for work so Owen and I went to visit Tyson and Amanda. Had a lot of fun just hanging out, visiting and playing with my boys! Owen learned to be tough with Lukey beating up on him!

Josh's friend Matt Ayers got married. Josh with Matt, Boe and Austin

my beautiful flowers from my Hubby that loves me a lot.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grandma Jane's

Owen loves being outside! he can be fussy fussy for no reason and you step outside and he's as happy as can be. My mom has a swing hanging in her big tree and Owen can swing in it for hours if we let him. happy happy boy in the swing!


we went to our good friends sisters wedding this past weekend and Char and I wanted a pic together....well this is Josh's picture taking skills

fixing my hair
I needed to be scooted back...hello i look like a giant!

scary laugh

these were just a few of the pictures and we never did get a good one due to my camera died!
At least Charla looks pretty in all the pictures.

new and better

Remeber when i posted about how Owen was all about his Jumperoo? well Elena let us borrow their walker and it's now Owen's new and favorite thing! it didn't take him long to figure it out andd he has been zooming around our house all day.
he loves to go and look out the windows and to go into the kitchen and and pull open the drawers and stare at himself in the oven.

Tytan Connor

Tyson Willden and his new family moved to the Portland, OR area last week. He was nice and let Janie and Lance have him for the day/night right before they moved. So Josh and I went over and spent some much needed time with him. we haven't been able to spend timewith due to some family issues , so it was great to play and watch him be his silly self. he loves Owen and was all about what is Owen doing, Owen this and Owen that. So cute! he kept giving him kisses and hugs. it was just making me so happy that they have a close bond and hopefully even though tytan will be far away they can still grow up together and be best buds.

We will miss our tytan connor so much and hope that this move works out for tyson and his new family.