Tuesday, October 23, 2012

magic man

i need to document that today Owen climbed out of his crib for the first time. I was just waking up and getting ready to get him up when my door slowly opens and Owen comes him full of pride of what he had just done! He did a little dance and we both laughed together.

But I'm not ready for him to be moved to a big boy bed yet so if he keeps doing then i will have to purchase a tent top for his crib.

Owen's age-19.5 months

ps. i just caught Owen climbing out of his crib twice during nap time today. He lifts his body up and climbs down the back side of the crib. so i took his bumpers out because he was using them for a bit of height and pushed his crib against the wall. He doesn't realize he can climb out the front yet. hopefully he doesn't ever realize that. so far so good, he is sleeping now.

Friday, October 12, 2012

drum roll please

our family will be expanding by one more!
Baby Willden #2 will make his or her arrival May 2013

Owen has no idea what is happening ,but he will soon enought when mommy starts getting huge!
We are so excited to be having another sweet blessing in our lives.  A little nervous on my part that i will be getting another child like Owen.

pumpkin patch

Saturday we spent most the day with my mom because her birthday was the following monday. that night after gifts and cake some of us went to the Farmstead pumpkin patch. So much fun. owen was in hog heaven with so much to run and see.

 He loved ALL the pumpkins laying around. each one was cooler then the next.

 jumpy time with Owen and Madelyn
 Owen ate himself and FOOT long corndog. he was one hungry boy!