Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brag post

So i gained A LOT... no no... an out of control amount of weight when i was pregnant! i'm not going to give numbers but it was out of control! yes a lot of it was retaining of fluids and swelling, but still i was large and in charge. So when the weight came off quickly in the beginning i was excited then around july of last year it just stopped. i stopped losing weight! i tried everything i could think of to drop the weight....nothing. then in November I decided i HAD to lose this weight because i was VERY unhappy with the way i looked. I thought let me get through the holidays and then i would join a weight loss program. first of January came and I was first in line to lose weight.

(day of delivery)
 i had 20 pounds to lose to be at my pre baby weight. and in 4-5 months, with a few falling off the track, I lost it all!! I am so happy that i am back to my comfort weight and not have to feel angry and unhappy with myself.
(may 2012, 4 more pounds to lose)
even though i have lost all my baby weight  my body definitely doesn't look the same. my big baby sure did stretch out my body every where. so yes i can fit into my old clothes again, but they sure do fit differently!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Owen overload

my sweet baby is 15 months old as of last saturday! he is getting so much fun and has the biggest personality.
weight- 25lbs
height- 31.5 in
and still a good size head.
He has 5 teeth and soon to be 6 and probably next month he will get another one
He doesn't really say any real words yet, just A LOT of jibber jabber
loves to give kisses and high fives
He is still our BIG healthy baby!

 He absolutely loves going to the park or just being outside RUNNING!
We have only been able to go to the pool once so far, but he loved it and had no fear at all. he even needed to take a gold fish break.
 some of Owen's best buds. he REALLY wants to play with them, but doesn't quite understand why they don't play back.(Landon, Carter Benefield and Kaden Lobb)
 my fearless child going down the slide head first

 When he isn't running around making a mess he is the sweetest boy and loves to read and kinda snuggle with me.
We love our Owen boy and for the most part now he is a good kid.