Sunday, February 27, 2011


at 37 wks i hit my nesting stage and was a cleaning/organizing maniac!! I even enlisted josh's help in cleaning the garage and the closet underneath the stairs. I washed ALL of the babies stuff and really just cleaned everything and couldn't stop myself. it was crazy!! BUT...... now last wk at 38 wks i have absolutely no energy and can't get my ballooned body off the couch. i feel like this coming week will be no different. Maybe that's a sign that he's coming soon! we can only hope!

one last date?

josh took me downtown to PF changs for what we hope was our last hot date before the baby comes and who knows when we will do it again. we had to wait a really long time, but i was dressed and feeling pretty good about myself so we weren't leaving! The date was much needed and i loved spending the time with my joshy like the good ole days of being young.

mom does it all

after since the first grandbaby my mom has bought and refinished old dressers for the baby to have. so this time around it was no different for me. She stoked craigslist and found nothing, but we ended up getting a free dresser from Josh's sister. it was pretty ugly and we were positive that we'll just have to paint it, but mom worked her magic and it turned out beautiful.
after she sanded it down
i knew from the moment i found out i was pregnant that i was going to make the bumper for the crib. i'm just too picky and i didn't want to spend the large amount of cash on a crib set when all i needed was the bumper. I took the design from my nieces bumper and found the boy ribbon i liked and my mom sewed it all together. i absolutely love love love how it turned out. the colors are perfect and the outside of it is just a plain navy. the picture doesn't do it justice!

my mom also makes blankets for the her grandbabies and she didn't fail to create two ridiculously cute blankets for my little man.
if only i was as good on the sewing machine as her.....maybe one day!

Friday, February 25, 2011


This is our nice looking fridge that has been unused for the last almost 2.5 months because of ding dong repair man! But now after 3 different repair man and months later it's finally fixed! i'm so so excited to finally go grocery shopping and have food in the fridge before the baby comes anytime now!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweet Love

as yesterday was Valentines day and we don't really celebrate the holiday, but I still want to express my love and gratefulness for my wonderful marriage and my best friend Josh! sometimes it takes and event to realize how amazing my marriage is.
I love you Joshy and grateful i get to spend all of eternity with you by my side.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today josh and i went to Miss Henley's baby blessing. Nothing can bring a tear to my eyes like a father priesthood blessing! She looked like a sweet angel fresh from heaven. So Innocent and sweet. Warning gross feet picture

Sunday's also brings me sitting for 3 hours straight at church. Which equals my little cankels to become massive swollen calfs/cankels/feet! besides it being totally unattractive, it's also painful for my skin to stretch and swell like that. My one real big complaint about this pregnancy is my swelling.

by that night they were even more worst, if you can even imagine! Oh and my tailbone get extremely sore from sitting in the hard church chairs, that between me not being able to get up and my swollen legs we end up leaving church early because i'm in so much pain!

count down

i'm officially full term at 37 wks pregnant! it's really hard to believe that in a few short weeks we will have this sweet little boy and the stress of being great parents to him. We are pretty much physically all ready for him to arrive, but emotionally i'm starting to freak out a bit about everything labor/baby! i'm still measuring pretty big and my dr. is pretty sure that i'm not having a baby anytime soon. well at least not on my own. So we'll see when he decides to actually arrive. Josh and i both had dreams that he was weighing in the 9 pounds....yikes...lets hope not!
i'm just now starting to feel uncomfortable and real front heavy. i'm getting slower and more sore with any activity. We've started taking long brisk walk to help maybe get this process moving along. As much as i'm ready for him to be here, I will be sad to not have him all to myself and feeling his foot jab up into my ribs or his massive rolls across my belly.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

it's a girl

No not me, but my bestie Jill finally had her baby! Henley Rue was born 9 days late on Feb. 1st. I was so shocked that she had a girl, but she's super sweet and so cute. look at those lips! I see a future crush for my little guy! 8lbs 9oz

Monday, February 7, 2011

raining gifts


I had two great showers for the baby and I. First i'll tell about the one my sisters and mom gave us. A lot of people came, we played great fun games and it looks like babies r us through up in my mom's living room. So greatly appreciated for all the great and much needed baby things.

my great mom and I!
getting larger and larger! 9months/36wks

Josh's uncle Ted made us this beautiful rocking horse. We are so excited about it and so is madelyn.

my girlfriends all came. Jill came even though she was barely 4 days out from having her sweet baby girl.(no picture of us together, don't know how that happened!)

my yummy yummy cake!

i got everything i need for the baby and more.

shower #2 was at my work. I've been working for the same Dr for so many years and lots of the girls there i have also know for years.

two of my co-workers, Holly, Tracey and I.

again another yummy yummy cake.

both showers were amazing and i was able to get pretty much everything i need. The Dr's I work for bought me our car seat and stroller!
Now all we need is a baby to use all the stuff. He should be here anytime, I only have 4 weeks left and then our lives will change forever.