Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sad week

Owen has had a rough week so far. He got his first bruise on his cheek from trying to stand up in his crib he fell and knocked his cheek on the rail. because of that i kept saying that we need to lower his crib down and kept repeating it. Well today i put him down for his morning nap and i started mopping when i heard a thump! i ran like a crazy women upstairs and saw my sad baby screaming on the floor. He fell out of his crib! i called Josh he came home and we lowered the crib. i know it's not going to be the last of bruises and scrapes, but it makes me sad to see my baby get hurt.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have been such a slacker on my blog and not because we have an exciting life. It's because i'm a mom now and too busy with my active baby.

josh- he got a new position in Gensco that he now is the territory manager sells Rep for the brand Rheem and American Stantard. He loves it and loves his new boss. he stilll is traveling quite a bit, but that's the job. and he drives a sweet new chevy pickup. besides work, me and owen that's all he has time for. Hunting season is coming upon us and he always makes time for that.

hilary- I spend my longs days with my sweet, crazy, busy baby. I haven't gone back to work. I am the maid/nanny/wife/teacher/nurse/mom and I love being all those things for my family. that's really all i have been doing! oh and trying really hard to lose my baby weight. i joined a great little workout class and really feel like that is doing the trick for me. slowly but surely it will happen.

Owen- read next post

Half Birthday.....6 months

Major picture overload of Owen, but that's what happens when I don't blog more often...enjoy

He turned 6 months on sept 9th and is such a fun easier baby now. His stats at his check up were
19.1 lbs(75%)
26.5 in long(50%0
44.5 cm head (90%)

So we have a big healthy boy with a head full of brains

before shots

he does this thing now where he will put a toy, bib or anything in his mouth and hold it there while he plays with something else with his hands.

he crawls. he started testing it out a couplf of weeks ago and each day then he gets better and better. the Dr. said that was advanced. that's our boy. haha

LOVES to read. this is the only time he will quite down and snuggle with me. He really does like when I read him books. so we read a lot! favorties right now are Brown Bear, moo baa lalala, pajama time. I have them memorized

another new thing his the sticking out of his tongue. so cute and funny.

he now likes to go to the store with me and rides pretty happily in the shopping carts and even his stroller! big improvement from when he couldn't even leave the house without his crying the whole time.

He now laughs at anything, loves to play, loves to take his surroundings in and can be entertained with a toy or us playing with him.

he now longer sits still

Owen is such an enjoyable baby now

His fun personality is really showing

he still has his fits, but I know how to handle it now

He usually takes great two naps during the day and sleeps great at night

LOVES his cereal and fruit twice a day.

We love our Owy!


My best girlfriends and I got together for our annual Girls Night Out! this is now the third year I believe that we have done this and it's great to get with my girls and talk about anything! I usually don't see Sierra, she was living in Utah and just moved to Boise, Tricia works all the time and not is a full time nursing student, I keep in contact with Jilly and see her here and there, but our lives are all so different and busy now. So this night is really nice to get together like old times and laugh! Sierra, Tricia, Jillyn and me

ps. Sierra was 5 days out to giving birth to her baby boy in this picture


I found a tutorial on how to make fabric flower clips. my plan was to make one to attach to some of my necklaces, but i ended up making two cute ones for two cute baby girls I know. it took me about 45 mins to make one, but it turned out pretty good.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A ton of new post below

Baby boy

I got a text bright and early Saturday (Sept 3) morning letting me know that I was going to be an Aunty again. Tyson and Amanda along with Kole and luke welcomed another super cute baby boy into their family. He is tiny and precious.

William(Will) Chase Jakobson

6 lbs 13 0z 19 in

Born two weeks early

Has brown hair

Pictures to come later

SO excited and happy for them

fight fight BSU

football season has arrived and we are so excited. josh and I love to watch BSU games and spend the time with family or friends. i do love football season.

Our future Bronco!


last minute on Friday we decided to go and watch the hotair balloons light up in the park. it was fun, but not as cool as i would have wanted it to be. it was nice to get out and do something different. us, my parents and elena with Boe came to enjoy the lights

Dirty Dash

I ran my first 10k run! wahoo! it was 6 miles of obstacles, lots of mud and mostly straight up hill! brutal! it was a lot of fun and i am so glad that Josh and Elena did it with me. I was exhausted and didn't do as good as i would have liked, but at least i finished with a smile on my face. next year will be even better.

the giant mud pit at the end of the race.
Grant, Owen and Boe. They as well got muddy

for the 3,500 people that ran it(not all at the same time) there was only a few freezing cold showers. It was suppose to be hot and sunny that day, but it was cold and over cast.

after the first real big mud pit it felt like you were running with ten pound weights in your shoes.

yummy corn

back in the day my mom would get together with her friend and they were make freezer corn. fast forwar several years and it's my turn to learn to make it. we had three LARGE bags of corn to peel, boil, cut of the cob, bag and freeze. Elena came over to get in on the corn party too. it was fun and easy. now Josh and i will have yummy corn anytime we want it.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My family

my cousin Susan was in town and took our family pictures.

For some reason they don't want to upload so i was only able to get these two