Wednesday, March 27, 2013

my toddler

Owen had his 2 year check up and here are his stats
30.5 lbs
34 or 35 inchs

He is ALL boy! he loves anything to do with sports and running and playing outside all the time. he is really smart and picks up on how to do things, such as hit a ball off a tee, shoot hoops, throw a ball, ride his trike. he can be such a sweet funny boy to such a crappy hard headed kid. That is how he has been since he was born!

he still sleeps awesome, one nap during the day and like 10 + hours at night. And in his big boy bed.

eats just about anything

has all his teeth he needs at this point.

LOVES bath time

starting to want to be independant and do things himself. For the most part he is really good at that.

started to say sister when he points to my belly.

he is so outgoing and social

looks who's two

how is my baby boy already 2 years old!? the time is flying by with him. we had the family over for a baseball theme birthday party. he had so much fun and got SO spoiled by everyone. the kids played the donut hanging from a string game. the bigger kids did great at it, but the 2 and under crowd just grabbed and ate their donuts!

 his aunt Day Day got him this awesome Buzz 4-wheeler. it was really popular with the 3 and under group of kids.

 we got him a very inexpensive tramp from craigslist. He LOVES to bump aka Jump.

He still is full of energy and hard headed! we love our little man and can't believe how fast he is growing into such a toddler. He is going to be such a good big brother.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


7months/28weeks. the day we left for the bahamas i entered into my third trimester! i feel like i have a ton of time left still but May will be here before i know it.  i am currently 30 weeks and feeling pregnant. my belly had a growth spurt! She moves  A LOT first thing in the morning, mid afternoon and right around 10 at night. I am constantly moving with Owen running around and the busy life we have. Weight gain is still on the lower side but creeping up and no swelling due to pregnancy yet.  still measuring big, but for the most part i feel really good and I love being pregnant which is a perk i think.
a couple pictures to go with the post below it.

proof that we did get dressed and didn't live in our swimsuits
 i was a swollen mess!! the plane ride plus the hot humid air made my legs/ankles/feet so huge and nasty looking. the picture on the left is when we got to the hotel and that wasn't even the worst of the swelling! then the other pic is a couple days after we got home, pretty close to normal. gross
 the bahamas native have and dance thing called junkanoo! so entertaining to watch them march through the streets with their amazing costumes and loud music band. not to mention the dancing!

Bahama mama

The most amazing trip ever!! It was a long plane ride, but so worth it. the Atlantis resort was HUGE and had everything you could ever want or need. we had so much fun in the pools and water slides. the restaurants we delicious and there was a ton to explore and see. Not to mention the beautiful ocean just outside our door.

this is the view from our room!

 a ton of aquariums and one was a tube ride through a sea of sharks. it was pretty fun.

 the yachts at the resort were massive and i bet super expensive
 the town just outside the hotel, but not the actual town of Nassau

 snorkeling isn't my favorite thing, the fish totally creep my out, but Josh had so much fun while i only lasted in the water for like 10/15 mins
 7 months and loving the sun

 i dug a hole in hopes to tan the back side of my body.

 we got to interact with dolphins! such a cool experience. i felt quite exposed in the tight wetsuit.

 we had one favorite pool that was kinda a hidden and had the best chairs
the weather was gorgeous the whole time we were there. We have absolutely no complaints except that Owen would have had so much fun with us. We did enjoy our 7 days alone together but I REALLY missed my baby boy and he was really missing us by mid week. My parents, and amazing siblings all pitched in to watch our baby for us and I couldn't thanks them enough for their help.
We came back home super tan/ sun burnt and I came home with a ton of new energy!

not much to report for my 6 month pregnancy post. She is growing big just like her brother did. I'm measuring 2 weeks bigger, but i'm not holding my breathe that she will come early.  my weight gain is great, which mean i haven't gain  very much unlike last time i was fat at this stage. and no swelling!!

Sick boy

exactly a week before we left for the Bahamas Owen got really sick with a high fever for 5 days! And Josh was out of town while all this was going on. He didn't really eat anything, a few vomit episodes, but mostly a bad fever.
 I hadn't seen him this miserable ever!
 luckily the day before we left for out trip we turned the corner and he started feeling better and acting like his wild self.

love day

Josh had to fly out on Valentine's day morning, so instead of the usually dinner and movie we as a family went out for a yummy Valentine's day breakfast before Josh left. It was so special and i'm pretty sure it's going to be a new tradition.