Wednesday, August 28, 2013


back in june we went to utah for a sealing. it was nice to stay with my bro and his family and we got to visit some of our good friends who have recently moved down there. temple square was beautiful as always.

owen and Tytan

and we HAD to end our trip with a visit to our favorite restuarant Pei Wei! yum yum

owen boy

my sweet sweet Owen is growing up so fast. summer has flown by and our nice long days at the pool at over. he has adjusted really well to having Hailey in his life and is still as active, stubborn and silly as ever.

we have started to potty train and he has picked it up really quickly. he does really good during the day, but naps and especially night time he still needs a diaper. He loves his super hero and mickey mouse underwear.

he is looking more and more like josh and certain things he does reminds me of his dad.

He is always wanted to help with chores or whatever and for the most part i let him but sometimes it makes more work for me. sweet boy.

camping 2013

 this year for our camping trip we take to celebrate Cory's birthday, he found a spot in cascade. the drive was great cause it's only 2 hours away, but he packed the truck full with stuff. adding another kid to the family sure does add a lot more stuff.

we hung out, went on a hike, played at the lake and the tree swing. Grant brought his gun and 4 wheeler and we brought our bikes. So we had a lot of fun things to do. the kids loved it. Hailey actually slept pretty well and Owen had horrible night terrors each night. that's always fun.

little miss did so good just going with the flow and relaxing in her bouncer chair. things Owen was never good at.

3 months

at 3 months Miss Hailey is;

sleeping 6-7 hours at night, get up nurse and then back down for another 3 hours

eats a lot

loves to babble and laugh

she is usually a real happy girl and smiles a lot

loves to watch Owen

loves baths

still average for her weight, i don't think she will be a big chunker like Owen was.

wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes

has dark hair and blueish eyes

doesn't mind tummy time and i've been working with her on rolling.