Monday, August 22, 2011


I posted a ton of posts and most are out of order, but enjoy what the Willden family has been up to.


my sweet Madelyn enjoying a treat and always wanting to go on bike rides while Camping. Love her. she was always saying her legs are so tired, so she would hop for a ride.

I made chocolate whoopie cookies... very proud of myself!

he just laying his head down and fell asleep. played too hard i guess.

Life saver

We had bought a Kelty back pack last year for a great price and was excited to use it this summer with Owen. It is the best purchase ever. so comfy and Owen loves being in it. Good thing cause at the coast he spent A LOT of time in the back pack.

Run Forest Run

Cory did another triathlon the other weekend in Emmett. We all went out to support him.

We missed the swimming portion, but he did awesome in the race.

Fair 2011

We went to the fair with my parents and brother's family. it's always fun to go to the fair even if we didn't ride any rides. we enjoyed people watching, the petting zoo and fair food!

the worlds largest or should i say fattest pic. he weighed like 1,200 lbs. kinda gross.

these baby goats were so funny and entertaining to watch that we didn't notice one eating owen's shorts and stroller. Funny goats.

picture says it all

Crabbing at the coast

We decided to go Crabbing one day and showed up feeling very uneasy about the situation. first we did it ALL by ourselves, no guide and in the bay. Second there were super small motor boats. it was funny when we were driving out little boat in the bay with big crabbing boast besides us. Anyways.... it ending up being a fun experience!

Owen and I on the deck after being in the boat for an hour. He was done!

our first pull up. We caught like 6 or 7 crabs, so exciting!

our boats

We actually caught a lot of crab, but only could keep certain sizes. it was a lot of fun and everyone really enjoyed it.

Sunset at the coast

Since we were camping so close to the beach we were able to go and watch two gorgeous sunsets. breathe taking!

Josh and Grant riding their bikes down to the water

Oregon Coast

for the past few years my family goes on a trip all together, sometimes not all can come. since we do it over Cory's birthday he picks where we will camp. this year he picked the Oregon Coast! it was so much fun and most of us haven't been there, so it was a fun experience.

Owen's fist taste of ice cream... he loved it!
i made Mads into a pretty sand mermaid. She sat there for a long time and said that she was never leaving.

we flew kites on the beach. Mads was flying her own Kite and kept getting distracted by the sand and lost hold of the kite! Cory took off chasing it across the beach and luckily it got stopped a long ways down on some cliffs.

There were gorgeous and HUGE hanging flower pots every where in Oregon.

Tide pools were pretty cool. Saw a ton of star fish and maybe went beyond some of the marked points. Oops

We explored a hidden a beautiful beach all by ourselves.

toured a old light house. awesome!

our camp ground was so pretty and just a short walk or bike ride to the beach. But there were a ton of "octopus" trees. so neat!

Just a few of the highlights of our trip. I was so much fun and so happy that me family still does cool trips like this one together.

Friday, August 12, 2011

pool time

Amanda and the boys flew into town last weekend and we spent the whole time doing things together. one thing is getting all the kids together and swimming! we love that I have a pool and just up the street a bit my brother and his family have a pool. The kids LOVE to play with josh in the water. Kole and Mads have to wear cute little arm floaties and it's so cute to watch their little bodies swim in such a big little or I mean big fish

g-ma always needs a group pic of all her babies when they are all together. kinda hard to get 7 kids to look at the camera and be happy, but happy to make the memory.

Mads, Grant holding Owen, Kole, Boe, Luke Mark

they are in order of age minus mads and Owen.

Mads is suppose to be behind Kole and Owen is suppose to be in front of Mark

Thursday, August 11, 2011

5 months

it amazing how he changes week by week. Owen is 5 months old and better then ever. He now is getting less fussy and much more happier. He loves to hear himself scream, he loves to laugh and blow bubbles, and he loves to play and talk. He is getting so fun! him blowing bubbles

first taste of bananas.....he's a little dramatic!

he is getting really good at sitting up by himself. He also reaches for everything and then everything must go in his mouth. Silly boy

he is getting bigger and bigger and such a joy to have.

random stuff

Josh playing softball with his boys this summer. he's such a stud. I love him this is how my shopping trips are

my beautiful Sister n law Amanda is due in little less then a month with her 3rd boy. She is wonder mom and i love her.

why not try

my sister n law Elena did her first triathlon!! it was called Why not try and it was a mini mini triathlon, but still more then i could do.

First she swam(sorry but people kept getting in front of me so this was the best picture)

she is a excellent swimmer so we knew she would blow everyone out of the water. her support group

then she biked

and finished with a 2 mile run

she did so good

i'm so happy for her

she came in 3rd in her age group!

maybe just maybe next year i'll do it, but that swim....not my strong point