Saturday, January 18, 2014

the girls

Miss Madelyn and Miss Hailey are the only girl cousins for the jakobsons. they love each other and lately when we see each other they some how have matching outfits. these pictures were from christmas and they both had on grey dresses with matching tights. love these girls!


My sweet baby is 8 months old! In my head I always thinks she is 6 months so when I open my mouth and say 8 I'm shocked. she is such an enjoyable baby that the time is just going so quickly.

At 8 months she is;
Pulling herself up on everything

Crawling like a champ

Got her first tooth on Tuesday! She followed in her brothers footsteps and got nice and sick before that tooth broke through.

Still naps like a champ. Two naps during the day and asleep by 8 and up by 8 am

Loves food

She is really good at entertaining herself and makes herself laugh all the time

And she is finally starting to get more dark hair!

christmas part 2 of 2

 after our morning together we got ready for the day and made a quick stop at my parent's house for some quick gift opening. owen was so excited for his woody doll and toy story movie.

 we were spending this christmas day with the Willden family. first stop was to marcie's (josh's grandma) for a brunch with all the Little relatives. it was nice seeing everyone we hadn't seen in forever. and most of them hadn't even met Hailey yet.
 Marice and Hailey bug. Janie made Hailey's hat.

 Dana got hailey the cutest pink cowgirl boots.
 owen was spoiled and got his own hunting gear, and awesome iron man from dana and a great train track set.
 the big gift was for Janie and Lance. the kids all pitched in a bought them a new 50inch tv! they were surprised!
we had a great christmas day spent with family.

christmas part 1 of 2

We were SO excited for christmas morning this year with owen being that much older and having Hailey bug. santa had a late night getting gifts ready but it was so worth it in the morning.
 owen woke up to santa leaving him an indoor tramp and a bunch of stocking goodies. he loves his tramp and i love him buring off energy.
 Sister got a collector cabage patch doll, movie, princess sippy and a book.
 he was equally excited for his super hero dress up. i had my mom make him a double sided cape. one batman and other superman.

 hailey opening her first doll and princess towel. she mostly just loved all the wrapping paper and brothers toys.
 all moring he "flew" from his tramp to the couch and back again.
 christmas morning 2013. the mask went everywhere for awhile.
 josh got me a jacket i was really wanting
 oh and i got him a jacket he was really wanting. great minds think a like!

We had a great christmas morning with our amazing little family. i loved to sit and watch my kids and hubby enjoy the gifts and make memories together. even with all the fun i still like to remind owen of the importance of the day and of christ and all he has done for us.

christmas eve 2013

We had our annual christmas eve gathering with all the cousins. it's always fun to get together as a large family to celebrate a holiday.

we exchanged cousin gifts and my mom got the kiddos all something little to open. She got Hailey the cutest softest UGG boots. she wears them everyday

then cousin Camden had her name and got her a fun turtle toy that she loves.
 cousin Boe had owen's name and got him a shaving kit. oh man he was so excited and has "shaved" every day since!
 owen had grant's name and our gift picking skills were a big it with this gift

 as always we do a little talent show program and end the evening with the nativity scene. this year did not disapoint!
Owen was a shepard.
 the whole group
 my mom hosted as always and made the cutest santa place cards for the kids spots.