Monday, July 14, 2014

fathers day 2014

i love so many things about josh and on of the most is how wonderful of a dad he is to our two kids! we had a low key fathers day. the kids got him some new golf shoes and we had a great dinner with my dad at my parent's house that night.  a bike ride was planned for the day but that didn't end up happening do to too many things going wrong, ha ha!

our summer days....

our summer days have been spent at our pool! so grateful to live just down the street from a gorgeous pool that usually isn't very busy the time of day we go. owen has become quite the fish, swims under water and not afraid of the deep end with his arm wings on. so proud of him and all self taught! Hailey has no fear of the water and will go till she drowns. she is a lot of work at the pool, but put a life jacket on her and solves a lot of issues.

 owen's best friend and neighbor Ava S. We spend a lot of time together and we love it!

 friends and cousins spend a lot of time with us at the pool and we welcome them with open arms. more fun for all!

4th of july 2014

I LOVE the 4th of july! we started the day with the parade in caldwell with some of the kids and my mom. it was fun,the kids got lots of candy and enjoyed themselves. But if was SO hot that we were all dying by the end of the parade at 10:30!  
 waiting for the parade to start
 maddy is the best girl cousin example for our sweet Bug! we need more girls in our family!

 after the parade josh, me and my mom took the 4 kids out to the lake in the boat.
 (out of order) after our BBQ gma had some fun sparklers and such for the kids to do and yes Cory, jenny and grant were there but Grant had 3 baseball games that day so we didn't see them till dinner time. Grant is a baseball stud!
 my water baby

we had a long, packed day but it was so much fun!