Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Oh how I LOVE Idaho fall!! it's gorgeous all over the state. We had Grant, Madelyn and Kole over this weekend and Grant really wanted to rake Grandma's leaves and then play in them. Who can say no to that fun, so we raked and the kiddos never wanted to come back inside. Josh jumped in the pile and the boys were all over him! it was so fun. ( does everyone see what body part Kole is running over! hahaha poor Josh.)

Grant and Madelyn

Kole refused to come inside when it got dark.

Also the whole family came over and carved pumpkins and eat homemade stew. mmmmm so good!
Elena's belly compared to the pumpkin :) she's getting ready to have the baby soon.

Mine and Josh's finished product. grrrrrr

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I bought these beauties last night and I'm in love with them. Yes they are 4 inch heels and i'm a little over 5'9", but they are fabulous and want to wear them everyday. (I actually bought them in metallic silver, but you can see the details better in the purple picture)

Monday, October 19, 2009


It's really dark in the morning on my way to work and then when I get to work it's really slow! Needless to say it's really hard for me to get up and get motivated in the morning. At least my coworkers are always entertaining.
that's all, just venting.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home away from home

the Jakobson clan (minus Brent and Elena) all loaded up into two cars and made the LONG drive to California for a week. First stop was in Fresno for my beautiful cousin Carissa's wedding. The wedding was lots of fun and intimate. We had lots of fun. After Fresno we traveled farther south to Avila Beach. My family used to go to this beach once or twice a year ever since I could remember. So it was nice to go again and take Josh to all my favorite spots.

We had a condo right on the beach so we all played in the ocean and sand. It did end of raining most of the week, which was a bummer ,but us ladies sure did get a lot of shopping done! :)
us sisters and Madelyn all matched for the wedding, it wasn't planned!

My uncle(mom's bro) and cousin Carissa. Her dress and flowers were gorgeous.

We needed to wasted time before the ceremony started so we found this amusement park that had mini golf, race cars, bumper boats and little kid fair rides. it was a blast!

It was a fun week to hang out with the fam. I was only able to work 4 days in between Hawaii and this trip so I'm all traveled out and ready to unpack my suitcase for awhile.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mother dear

Happy Birthday Mom!! today is my wonderful mom's birthday. She is an incredible woman and I love her so much. She does so much for her family and loves to spoil each one of us kids and especially her grand babies! She is a great lady which is a good thing cause I take a lot of her traits. :) she's very funny, smart, beautiful and very thoughtful. I love her and glad she brought me into this world and always there for all my doings.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grace Face

We just wanted our great friend Rachel to know that we didn't forget about Grace's birthday! she turned 2 on the 2nd. She is the sweetest, funniest and most beautiful little girl and we love her and glad that she was the first baby born into the group of friends. hopefully one day she'll have some friends to play with.

work or!

My work took us to Hawaii for a dental convention. The convention was only three our of the8 days we were there so we played in the sun a lot!!!

We snorkeled at Haunama Bay. it was incredible and I saw a ton of tropical fish.

Haunama bay before the hike down

we rented a car and drove up the north shore and stopped at a ton of different interesting places.
Sunset beach, watching the surfers and obviously the gorgeous sunset

we saw a bunch of cars stopped so we stopped and saw this huge turtle just basking in the sun! I actually think is was turtle bay we were at.

also stopped at Waimea bay and it was BEAUTIFUL and so peaceful. We swam a lot and one of the doctors jumped off the rock in the picture.

we hiked up to Waimea falls and swam in the water.

same day we stopped at the famous shaved ice place that is always on the food network! i was so very excited and it was really yummy.

Dole Plantation. who knew that pineapples grew out of a shrub? I was so fascinated by it. And some of them were so tiny and PINK!

Another day we spent all day at the Polynesian Culture Center! it was incredible experience. So much culture to learn about, amazing dancers and food!

Hiked Diamond Head. It was very very very hot and humid. It was harder because of those elements but totally worth it when we got to the top and saw the view.

Gorgeous sunset outside our hotel on Waikiki Beach.

view of the Waikiki. You can't tell in this picture, but the water all around the island is this gorgeous shades of blue. closer to shore is a bright sky blue. So breathe taking!

my view from the hotel room. it was awesome

I had the best time in Hawaii, missed Josh like crazy, but still enjoyed myself and recomend that everyone someday will go there and experience it!

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boys will be boys

We hang out a lot with our best friends Boe and Charla! We love them and usually when we get together Boe and Josh end up in some sort of game or competition and char and I get left out to just watch. we looked our the window the other day and saw the two boys playing darts by seeing how far outside the "man cave" they can throw and hit the target. They are so entertaining! A few weekends ago Boe got all four of us tickets to the Boise Golf Open. Boys were super excited girls would've rather gone shopping. It ended up being so much fun to walk to course and cheer the players on. it almost felt like we were at a pro golf game, but these guys were playing in hopes to play one day with Tiger Woods!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm back

I'm back from my fabulous trip to Hawaii and now my sleep is all off schedule! I'll post pictures soon. Aloha