Tuesday, April 1, 2014

six tunnel hoover dam marathon

I was talked into running my first race by my loving hubby and brother/sister n law. I did a few months of training and was really really nervous of how I was going to run a race. my only goal was to not walk and to finish. the perk of the race was that it was held in Las Vegas! so we had a nice little weekend away.
the kids stayed with my parent's and had a blast. it was my firs time leaving hails and I wasn't real sad until she actually left me.
 once in vegas we ate at some of our favorite places there such as, in n out,  pei wei and our favorite Nielsons.
 Amanda and I split the 1/2 marathon and I ran 6 miles and she ran the 7.1. Josh and Tyson both ran the full 1/2 and did awesome.

 josh and tyson
 my I pod died right at the beginning but lucky for me Amanda was near by taking pictures and jumped in and swamped me I pods. I would have died with out music.
 Amanda and Tyson. he had already finished but wanted to finish Amanda's with her.
 Tyson finished with a great time and same with josh even though he hardly trained for it. Amanda did awesome with her really hard part of the run and I finished my 6 miles with out stopping and with a personal best time! I am so proud of myself. Amanda and I actually got 3rd place in the relay team and an average pace of 9 mins and 45 sec! that's so awesome for me considering I thought I wasn't going to do good. I'm ready for my next race now.
 relaxing at the pool at our hotel. we stayed off the strip and on lake las vegas at the westin. totally loved it.

 that same night we got all dressed up and headed down to the strip. it was real hot and the people watching was real good.
 had dinner at the amazing Mesa Grill!
 I was so happy though to come home and see this sweet face
 who I think missed me as much as I missed her
 and this sweet face boy!

10 months

holy cow hailey is 10.5 months old today! seriously where is the time going? She is more fun then she was last month. she is getting such a funny and wild personality. she makes me laugh all the time.

I love her sooooooooooo much! she is very active, loves to laugh, getting into everything, loves her brother, loves me, and is fearless!

sleeps from 7:45 till 8 or a bit later in the morning

eats a ton! she will eat all day is we don't stop her. and she has a little fit when we do stop her from snacking. starting to not like baby food so much and wants everything we are eating.

has two teeth still

loves her pacifier, thank heavens

3 bottles a day

2 good naps a day

she use to be so sweet and would just sit and be content but now she is always on the move and never sitting still

stands by herself and has taken a couple of steps.

lil boys

Kole and luke came over to play one day and those two plus my one boy equals craziness. these boys get into every toy and wanted to play outside even though is was so cold. they love playing together and I'm happy they have each other to play with.
 Hailey wanted to go out so bad but it was too cold for us girls.
 even though is was freezing they still took their shirts off and wrestled.

 not sure my sweet girl won't join in the fun with the boys one day. her face says it all!


when daddy comes home the kids get a second or maybe like 5th wind to play. it was nice outside in the evenings and owen's favorite thing is to play outside. this boy and baseball are one. Josh loves to teach him how to play just as much.

nights like these are simple and sweet

bath time

 bath time around our house is the kids favorite time. these two kiddos love the bath and I love the smell of a clean babe.

Luke Allen

(back in January) our sweet nephew Luke( Tyson's son) is 3.5 and started to complain real bad about the room spinning and being sick and not feeling well. they took him in the get checked out and after a couple weeks of lots of exams he was diagnosed with cerebellar tonsillar ectopia. he actually had a pretty significant malformation of it. with in another week or two he was scheduled for surgery. it was pretty scary being he was so little and young to be having a major head operation. they operated from mid back of head down to the bottom of his neck. he had a hard time after surgery and had to stay 6 days due to his pain and not being able to keep food down. Luke also had a couple of tough weeks recovery at home but he is doing really well now and running around with all the other boys again.
 above is pictures the Dr. took during the surgery and below is when he were finally able to go and visit him. he was so sad looking in his huge bed and not able to move his head/neck at all.
so grateful they were able to discover why he was so sick and hopefully have fixed it. We love our Lukey and happy he is healthy again.

then he turned 3!

my lil man turned 3 years old on March 9th. he seems so much older now that he is 3 and it just sounds older! he chose to have a mickey mouse themed party and his grandparents from both sides came, Jakobson Uncle and aunts and all his best buddy cousins another with Aunt Day Day. He had the best time and got real spoiled with gifts.
a ball went over the fence and grant went over to get it and some of the other kids thought they needed to get over too!
(Kole, grant, luke, mark and Mads)
 the kids plays pin the ears on Owen
 present time is time for every kid to help. owen doesn't mind sharing that part but not his gifts
 He was so excited for all his presents but the skateboard was a coveted gift for him.
 Hailey was there too
 I made a mickey shaped cake
 we got him a scooter and a new buzz lightyear helmet. he asks to ride it every day!

him and Carter Benefield, who is josh's best bud's son, share the same birthday just one year apart. kinda fun! Carter had a big party the day before and they were kind enough to sing to both boys and even got owen a gift even though it was carter's birthday party. we have great friends!
 he also got a gift from our good friends the Zanders. we have the best group of people around us that love our kids so much.
every day owen seems to look older and act older. he talks so well and says the funniest things. he is becoming such a lil boy and not a toddler. We love him and his sweet spirit he brings to our home. He can be the sweetest boy and also the hardest kid ever! he will be my challenge in life and I welcome it.